what you’re doing

my sweet little keaty,

you are so big. so strong. so much like a little boy more and more each day, less and less like the little ball of chunk we brought home 6 months ago. people always told me that it would go by so fast, but i never thought it really would.

people also said to “enjoy every minute of it” … and while there have been plenty of minutes when i thought “is this one of those moments i should be enjoying? because this seems like the opposite of enjoyable” … from the pain of beginning breastfeeding to the middle of the night wake up teething calls, motherhood can be rough. enjoying ever minute of every day is a tall task!

BUT those moments have been far outweighed by the sweet moments we have spent together. you an amazing baby. not just because you’re mine, either! you are so mellow and adaptable. my little laid back baboosh. your smile is addicting, your often elusive laugh even moreso. being someone else’s child, i know that you may not realize the extent to which your daddy and i love you until you have a child of your own, but i hope you can feel it. i hope you can feel every ounce of love that comes from my heart whenever i see you smile at me, or when you reach a new milestone, or when i see you having fun playing with other babies or with your little monka monk stuffed animal. you wanting to feed yourself in our recent adventures into “solid” foods. you being on the verge of crawling around our little apartment. swoon swoon swoon.

it all just turns me into a little emotional ball of love. everybody comments about what a good baby you are, and how handsome and sweet you are. God knew that we needed you. not just that we needed a baby, but that we needed YOU. every bit of who you are so far. you make your daddy and i so happy. your daddy and i love each other even more than we did before, something we didn’t think possible, now that you have arrived. when i see you playing with daddy and having so much fun with him, i’m pretty sure my heart is about to explode.

and while, yes, not every moment is a walk in the park and sweet thoughts don’t always inhabit my mind when you are cranky (teething keaty has been a trooper, but an often cranky trooper), even those moments i am thankful for you. i don’t doubt God’s plan in giving us you, and i don’t doubt God’s grace in giving us you.

with a love that i could never have imagined,
your proud mama


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