bringing baby out

we had dinner at a family friend’s house last night. this family is full of insanely wonderful chefs. and this family lives right on the beach. when i say “right” on the beach, i mean it. literally. while we dined on cornish game hens, naan, and amazing sweet potatoes, this is what we were looking at. from their upper level balcony.

i’ve recently been LOVING how easy it has been to bring keaton around with us. i’ve always appreciated it, but it’s really setting in lately that not every parent has it that easy. or that not every parent feels comfortable doing so. we always have, though.  maybe that’s just because we have made it a point to do so, from his very first brunch at 3 days old, to tagging along to the tap room monthly … he’s adaptable because, in part, we made a pact to each other that this baby, although he would change our lives, was going to be a PART of our lives. he was born into our world, and we want to do everything we can to ensure that he is as active in it as possible.  we go on daily adventures together and i love introducing him to new things and new environments. he loves traveling around and soaks in every bit of detail he can about his new surroundings.  keaton spent his sunday night watching pelicans dive into the ocean, enjoying a beautiful sunset, and, of course, being adorable and loved on by everyone around him.

keaton obviously enjoyed it, channeling his best “cool guy/rad dude” impersonation


One thought on “bringing baby out

  1. THAT FAAAAACE!!!! It’s just so cute! My goodness!

    We sometimes put milk in, sometimes not…ONLY if I am prepared to the point that I had pumped the night before (I am by no means an organized mommy, he just gets what I give 😉

    Your photos are AWESOME!!!

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