keaton’s best friend

it’s been a rough past few nights here at the casa de baboosh. little man is teething something fierce, and he has let us know about it in the middle of the night. poor, sweet baby boy. the stress his little body must be under has aggravated his eczema as well. double bummed.  the first couple nights of the teething extravaganza were filled with lots of rocking back and forth, feeding him lots of milk till he passed out for an hour or two, and extra amounts of co-sleeping (can’t lie, i love this part. trevor had a ton of trouble sleeping when keaton was a newborn and we were co-sleeping, and we had to make a transition around 4-5 weeks so he could survive his long work days).  the last two nights have been easier, he will still wake up and let us know he’s hurting … but then this entered our lives:

i don’t know what part of this homeopathic stuff makes it to wonderful so keaton, but it does the trick in a matter of 5 minutes or so. we had tried the hyland’s teething gel and that seemed to work a bit- but it never quite helped keaton to the level we wanted it to. but this stuff … i can’t say enough wonderful things about it.  it has helped keaton get comfortable and back to his sweet little self.  there is nothing worse than knowing your baby is hurting and not knowing what else to do about it! teething gel, frozen teethers, cold dried mango slices- everything was so temporary! but this stuff seems to settle him for long periods of time. phew. around 2am he woke up in pain. i gave some to him, gave him back his paci, and within two minutes he was back asleep, until his normal wake up time around 6:15 or so. unheard of the last week or so! sweet relief for my struggling baby boy, and for my own struggling-to-stay-open eyes

what are some of your can’t-do-without natural baby treatments for your little baboosh when they aren’t feelin so hot?


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