prisoner in his own crib

it’s funny what happens when babies get bigger. they are doing something new everyday. as if they practice these skills in the middle of the night, fooling us into thinking they are sleeping soundly but really they are perfecting their pincher grasp, crawling, or sitting up skills. it makes everyday that much more fun and exciting- what in the world is this little person going to do today?!my current favorite keaty-trick is him pulling down his bumper and babbling loudly, waiting for someone to open the door to see him proudly waiting at the fence of his crib. it’s really sweet. he doesn’t cry, he just talks. and it gets louder the longer it takes us to get him outta there.  he’s trying to pull himself up on the crib, but we’re (thankfully) not there yet. but this is what i open the door to find when the little man gets up from sleeping.

if i wait too long to get him out of that crib, the tension revs up and keaton gets a little hostile

all of these super sweet changes  also makes me a tiny bit sad. maybe not sad necessarily, but definitely reflective. i feel like just a moment ago i was pregnant, or that a minute ago he was a chunky little milk monster who would fall asleep wherever you laid him. and now? now he is an infant. a crawling, grabbing, vocal little infant. at 6.5 months old, our little baby is not such a little baby anymore (being born at 9lbs7oz i guess we technically skipped the LITTLE baby phase, but i digress). i love all of these changes and watching him grow and change has been the delight of my husband and i’s life … but it’s just a process of saying goodbye to previous stages and welcoming, with open arms, the new. my labor and delivery was a beautiful farewell to my pregnancy, and an ushering in of this sweet life into ours. but once the baby is in the world … there are not many opportunities to sit and reflect the changes, to say goodbye to the old and welcome to the new, ever-evolving little person. so this is me doing that. farewell my little tiny baby keaton. and welcome my sweet little mobile, babbling, fun loving, smiley little man. i love you. no matter what new things you are able or not able to do, i love you. every new stage of yours has been our favorite, so it is obvious that it just keeps getting better. you continue to amaze us. not because of what you are able to do, but simply because of who you are.

did i mention that i love you?


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