father’s day help, please!

okay. i need your ideas. and suggestions. and sweet thoughts.  as you guys know, this sunday is father’s day. last father’s day, i had a little baboosh in my belly. i gave trevor his first father’s day present that day, a little onesie that said “my daddy and i both root for the chargers.”  he thought it was sweet, but couldn’t help but feel a little … unofficial.  i really do see the validity in the thought that a woman becomes a mom when she finds out she’s pregnant, but a man becomes a father when he holds his child. the day keaton was born trevor officially felt like a father, he didn’t really even consider himself a father before then, even though i had felt like a mother for months at that point. and what an amazing daddy he’s been, and continues to be.

i mean, who wouldn’t want to celebrate this piece of hunky goodness?

so this is where you come in. i’ve stalled long enough in my own planning, and i need your help!

what are some great ideas for a daddy’s first official father’s day? i’d love for him to feel showered in love and gratitude for the amazing father that he is!

thanks, lovelies!



2 thoughts on “father’s day help, please!

  1. I got David a new dodgers hat (the stars and stripes one that all the teams wore on memorial day), and I also got a sketch book where each year I’ll have the kids write or draw something for him rather than giving him some cheesy trinket. I saw this on another blog as a mothers day idea and loved it. This year I’m going to interview Gigi about David and then trace each of their hands on another page. 🙂 I read a blog post with some good ideas from a dad’s perspective this wk too on simplekids.net. 🙂 xo

  2. ohhh, so sweet! thanks for the ideas. i love the sketch book! so awesome. i’m sure this father’s day david’s heart is just going to be exploding with love! see you and your family very soon 🙂

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