that’s not normal, you know that … right?

keaton went to get his eczema checked up on yesterday at the docs, just so he could make sure we were heading in the right direction with it. {thankfully, we are!}  his pediatrician was playing around with keaton then tried to get him to lay still on his back to unsnap his diaper and take a look around (his eczema is worst around his thighs, poor little man). keaton quickly whipped himself around an got onto his belly and started crawling away. like, booking it across the little padded table. then tried pulling himself up by a hook on the wall. this happened once. twice. then three times. the doc looked at me and said, “that’s not normal, you know that … right?” ah! not normal? what’s wrong? i thought. well, he was somewhat stunned at how strong keaton was, how quick he was, and how far and fast he could crawl already at 6 months. he sees a lot of babies, obviously, and certainly some of them just develop those skills earlier than others … but he was just in awe of keaton’s independence level. i wonder what this means for his teen years?

well, yes. welcome to our world. it may not be normal to you, mr pediatrician, but it is quite normal for our little man. he loves to be on the go, and he uses his strength to his advantage.

keeping his mama and daddy on their toes, as usual



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