family getaway

on thursday late afternoon, keaton, trevor and i are piling in the car and making a 6hr+ car ride from san diego to hume lake.  a few of my best girlfriends are up there working at a summer camp this summer (and one of them lives there permanently!), and we get to go visit them in an absolute beautiful, relaxing place.  each week during the summer hume sees about 1000+ highschoolers (not to mention the other jr high camp) and helps them have transformative experiences in their Christian walks. it’s really beautiful on so many levels. i am thankful that we won’t be in the midst of the craziness of a thousand highschoolers and are staying at a cute little cabin, although i do love high school ministry- such an important and crucial age. i am super excited to see my friends and just relax with my little family.  we are planning on canoeing, swimming, SUPing, eating, laying, laughing, sleeping, lounging. you know, the stuff that makes you think “man, life is so rough, huh?!”  one of my favorite parts of all of this is that from thursday evening to monday late afternoon i will be completely out of touch. no cell service, scarce wi-fi. can’t wait to unplug and just enjoy the moments. and then i can’t wait to get back and tell you all about it!


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