we’ve just gotten back from what i hope is the first of hundreds of family getaways.  we packed up our little civic and made an about 7.5 hour drive up north to hume lake.  trevor and i have been counselors there with highschoolers for our church, but this time around we have friends who work there- two just for the summer, and one full time staff member. therefore, no responsibilities!  i love what hume stands for- a christian camp that is encouraging kids through physical, emotional, spiritual growth to live a life worthy of the call.  we spent our weekend staying at my friend rachel’s adorable little cabin in the middle of the Sequoia National Park and enjoyed lounging around by the lake, swimming around the pool with keaty, laughing, talking, and being encouraged in our friendships, our marriage, and our walks with the Lord.

swimming with rachel and our new friend august!

feeding the ducks. duck is keaton’s favorite new sign!

a tired mama {teething reared its ugly face night 1. whew} watching darla play some whiffleball with the staff team {she is the drummer in Hume’s summer band Lovelite}

holding hands with amazing friends.

loving on my little nature baby. take him into the woods and he turns into a bear!

it was so good. so so good. getting away from our day to day helped trevor and i really reconnect. it helped keaton continue to be the adaptable little happy boy he is. and provided yet another opportunity for us to realize and remember how much we love our little family life. i can’t wait for future family getaways, especially when keaton is older and has brothers/sisters to play around with.

this family life can really grow on ya!


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