i guess we are BLW

so, i’ve been making lots of purees for keaty.  cleaning, cutting, steaming, blending. it has been easy. and much more cost effective than buying baby food. i love being able to be in charge of what goes in his body vs buying premade baby food. and it’s quick, too. a lot faster than you’d imagine. so i thought we were on a great path!

 keaton just hasn’t been that into it. i thought if i just kept giving it to him he’d come around. or if i gave him a new fruit or veggie he’d turn the corner. nope nope nope.

he constantly looks at our plates and is often similar to a scavenger dog, sitting at my lap begging for food from my plate. “i don’t want him to choke!” i kept thinking, so we stuck to milk and purees. until i couldn’t handle it anymore. i don’t want mealtime to be a stressful or unhappy time for either of us, and he just kept spitting everything back out. eventually i started tiring of the process, and he obviously wasn’t enjoying it either.

so, in the middle of trying to spoon feed him purees i thought: let me just cut a piece of avocado and see what happens.

his first test of actual food eating was messy (and they still are), but he was experimenting- feeling the food, eating the food, and enjoying himself.  after some practice it is still messy, but he knows what to do with food when it is placed in front of him. yup, straight into the mouth.  sure, it gets messy, but he loves it. and therefore, i was happy! here was my solution! REAL food. sounds silly, but i just didn’t think he could handle it. i assumed that baby purees were THE next step, always. when i started googling about this type of feeding process, i came upon a baby led weaning site.  i had never even heard of this before!  but the more i learned (give baby REAL and appropriate foods for his/her age and they will learn to feed themselves, etc), the more i realized that not only was this what has been working for keaty, but that it works for a lot of other baboosh’s out there too. i love how happy and independent he seems when eating, and how simple it has been for him to enjoy and experience new foods. my fears about choking have been somewhat quelled the more i learn, but i obviously would never leave him alone with his food.

he eats a lot of similar stuff that we eat. and he loves it. his current favorite: dried mango slices from trader joe’s (amazing for teething when they are cold!), bananas, and cold steamed apples. avocados are a pretty big hit, too.

i’m starting to venture out and try new recipes, too. particularly because i want to add in more veggies but wasn’t sure how to do it with this method. but i’ve learned: who knew babies could have so many options?!

do you practice BLW? have any tips, suggestions, or resources for this new mama?


3 thoughts on “i guess we are BLW

  1. Wow! That is so interesting! I am so scared to give him little bits of food, but I bet he could try! Andrew just said, “Keaton is so cute!” looking at these pics 😉


    • we definitely didn’t intend to go this route, but it seems to be working so far! he’s starting to eat more and more at each mealtime, too. i was just getting overwhelmed with making all different types of purees only to have him spit them out, gag, or just generally get fussy. so even though we stumbled on this, it’s been cool to learn about it!

      i bet fin would love it, even just a slice of apple or something to mess around with. we gave keaton one of those huge carrots, he munched on it for like 45 minutes! haha.

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