i LOVE this weekend.

there is something about 4th of july weekend that i am just so in love with. probably because the weather is beautiful, my husband gets in vacation mode with an extra day off work, and all of our family and friends just want to hang out and eat.

i love me some bbq.

keaty loves him some avocados, while sitting out and enjoying the beautiful san diego bayfront.

he also loves hanging with some of his hypnobirthing class friends. he remembers faithfully going to class every week while he was in my belly near the end of last summer, being real relaxed, and getting to know his fellow little tummy buddies. since they’ve come out of our tummies they’ve continued to be just the best of friends!

but i think the thing i love most about 4th of july weekend is the 5th.

after 9 years of loving him, being married 3 of those years (as of tomorrow!), and welcoming 1 keaty. i couldn’t love my husband more. only i could. that’s the beauty of it.

i’ve said that every year i’ve known him, but God is so faithful in his promises that every year i learn to love him in new and unexpected ways.

have a safe and happy 4th of july. and have a sweet and loving 5th!


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