with this ring

we are celebrating our third wedding anniversary today! well, the real celebration comes this weekend when we spend the night in downtown san diego, feasting on sushi, and enjoying a night with just the two of us (first night away from keaty, i’ll be sure to let you know how that goes for me emotionally!). but today, we remember the commitment we made to one another. to God. to our keaton, before we even knew him. to love one another, to cherish one another, to keep God at the center of our hearts so as not to stray from him and therefore each other. nobody could have told me exactly what marriage entailed, and while i thought i had a good grasp on it that beautiful, sunny day 3 years ago, i know so much more now. but i also know so little. that is what is so beautiful about this journey. i continue to learn and grow, all while being shown the areas that need more attention. you’re never THERE. but the beauty is in the journey. in God’s grace and mercy. and in each other’s hearts. trevor and i have loved each other for 9 years, got married after 6 years of dating, and have been blessed with a little boy who is such a light in our lives. i don’t know why God has favored us in this way,

but i am thankful for His grace.

our ceremony, at the north chapel in point loma.

we spent the evening eating…

and eating some more…

enjoying the ambience…

dancing. lots and lots of dancing…

and simply celebrating the love that we share. with each other. with our families. and with our friends.

and oh, the day after was pretty fun, too!

with love,

a very grateful wife

{all photos are courtesy of huntington images here in san diego. love chris!}


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