freedom! … ?

tomorrow night trevor and i are celebrating our wedding anniversary (a few days late), and are spending our first night away from keaton. well, trev’s actually done that before … but it’s my first night away from him since, well, before he made his residence in my belly i guess. we’re dropping him off around 1pm tomorrow and picking him back up around 11 or so on sunday.

guys, that’s kind of a long time. in my head, at least.

i’ve been pumping like crazy to make sure he has more than enough to eat (as i recently lost over 100 ounces of milk due to a freezer fiasco. i don’t want to talk about it).  i wrote out a little paper on his schedule/things that he likes. i am THAT mom. that mom that i never understood when i was a babysitter. lady, i can take care of your child. he’ll be fed, he’ll sleep, he’ll have fun, and {insert gasp here}, he’ll  survive.  trevor’s mom is great with him, and keaton loves her, and they’ll have a great time with or without my little tidbits of advice.  but that’s where i find myself. that mom who is just so dang in love with her baby that it’s hard to pry herself away for a night without a how-to tutorial. i know it’s good to get away, at least for us it is. and i actually am really looking forward to it- i know keaton will have an amazing time with his grandma and uncle, and that trevor and i will have an absolutely fantastic time just enjoying each other. i’m not really struggling with leaving him for the night- he’ll have so much fun and the reunion face will be SO sweet. i’m looking forward to a night away, and i don’t feel guilty about that at all.  but i am amazed at how much i know i will miss him. already i can feel it deep within me already. i won’t look forward to leaving tomorrow, but once we take the plunge and leave, i know i’ll remember why this is important for us right now.

and on a side note, as much as i’m excited to wake up on my own schedule, i will miss waking up to this curious little face bright and early on sunday morning:


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