a night without keaton!

so we made it! we more than made it, we had a beautiful time celebrating our wedding anniversary on our very first overnight trip away from our adorable almost 8 month old little man.  i wasn’t overly sad or nervous, i just knew it would be strange for me to not be the one attending to his needs that afternoon/evening/following morning.  when a person becomes THAT engrained in your life, it’s hard to envision it being okay without them, and vice versa. this was a great lesson in maintaining my identity as a wife and as a woman and not losing it in the amazingness of also being a mom.  being a wife, being trevor’s wife, is the greatest role i’ll play. if i am a good wife, i know i will be a good mother. but losing track of that wife-dom can have dire consequences on the other titles i hold. i truly, truly believe that. and not that i need to “get away” from my son in order to maintain my wifely identity, not at all, but this was a step for us that not only told myself that i can trust in God’s provision, but that i love my husband and want to put our relationship above all others (besides with God, of course).  i know he wanted to feel loved and special, and this was one way of showing him how much he truly is.  we won’t be making a total habit of this, but it was a GREAT thing for us to do. and we had an amazing time doing it.

we went out to breakfast with my brother in law before we handed keaton over for the rest of the day/night. keaton was a champ and ate eggs and avocados like it ain’t no thang.

we said our goodbyes to our sweet little boy (which was made no easier by the fact he was tired and just wanted to lay on my chest. ohh, the sweetness).  but we were able to pry ourselves away from him, and headed on our way.  we went on to the omni hotel in downtown san diego. this is where we stayed on our wedding night before heading out on our honeymoon. it was a sweet gesture by my awesome husband, and an absolutely GORGEOUS day

we went down and lounged by the pool for a bit, and then walked around downtown and grabbed a couple of beers and watched the padres play. they lost. big surprise, right?! we headed back to the hotel, i pumped, and we got ready (a funny reminder of how quickly i can get ready with no distractions!) for a night on the town! we ate delicious sushi at our first stop, and, of course, drank some asahi. yes, please. we left there and as we were walking to our next stop, we stumbled on a wedding party. well, we saw about 6 separate parties celebrating weddings that night, but we literally stumbled into this one.  this couple was having a hollywood themed wedding and spared no expense.  they had paparazzi for their guests as they entered the reception on a red carpet. and, well, we couldn’t resist.

we went to dinner at a place called searsucker. ohmygoodness. this was one of the best meals i’ve ever had. start to finish. if you are in san diego, please go there. it’s a bit pricey, but it’s worth the money. even for us dave ramsey followers…yes, we splurged but it was so worth it.

they were super sweet there, too. we had a great conversation with our server, who so kindly brought us a little anniversary cake to celebrate our evening {a word of note: we are not usually same-side sitters. i actually hate doing that when it’s just us two. this was for picture purposes. ok, you may continue}

trevor, being the sneaky little man he is, made reservations for “something different” after dinner. i thought dessert perhaps? that’s certainly not different, but i would be all over that. as usual. i had no clue what was in store.  we walked into a restaurant that we had eaten at before, and headed to the back. “great,” i thought, “he remember i have to go to the bathroom!” we walked back past the bathrooms to see this wall. super exciting, right?

yeah, not so much. but, trevor had done his research. even though there was no sign or directions, trevor pushed this wall of kegs, and we stepped into this:

a speakeasy! pretty cool, right? they only serve drinks made with tequila, gin, rum… old school drinks that are made with love by bartenders who are passionate about what they do, and are dang good at it.  the flavors and ingredients they put into their drinks- made me shake my head at myself for ever ordering a jack n coke.  the bartender was awesome and talked with us for quite some time about how much he loved what he does.  i’ve never heard anyone who works in a bar say that they are passionate about it. it was really cool!  i loved the skull wall, too.

an east side rickey and great conversation and people watching later, we headed back to our hotel.

not before we saw a man holding a big sign that said “cupcakes” with an arrow pointing left. yes, i think we need turn left anyway to get back to the hotel, right? RIGHT?!

give me a cupcake and i’m yours forever.

well, actually, i was already his forever. and we had such a fun night celebrating that. we have been together for nine years now, and have been married for three of those.  we usually aren’t the biggest anniversary celebrators, and usually go the much more low key route. but i can’t deny … this was simply exactly what we needed. we felt pampered and taken care of, ate delicious food, drank delicious drinks … and enjoyed one another. without keaton. and we survived! and guess what?! he did, too! he slept through the night, giggled his way around the grassy backyard, and was just generally the awesome baboosh he always is. i can’t deny it though, as wonderful as it was to get away, it was wonderful to be reunited as a family again.


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