new favorite thing!

so our adventures in feeding keaton have just gotten even more awesome.

as i recently mentioned, we are just feeding keaton whole foods. avocados, bananas, asparagus, broccoli, hummus, corn on the cob, apples, pears, nectarines, you name it … he eats it. real. and loves it.  this method of feeding him is going SO well, i am totally amazed. he started out barely getting anything into his mouth and swallowing perhaps a bite or two.  he went from that to taking down an entire avocado covered in hummus. phew. he’s gonna chunk back up here before we know it! i can tell he’s so proud of himself, it’s just the sweetest thing. yeah, it’s still messy, but i am really happy feeding him is turning out this way!

this adventure in eating recently got way more fun with the purchase of this, and here is keaty enjoying our new acquisition:

{ he loves these dried mango slices, and they are now a quick snack vs a whole meal like they used to be.}

so yeah, maybe a high chair like this isn’t that exciting to you, but it has freed so much space up in our little apartment. it’s a travel high chair by inglesina, but we haven’t traveled with it yet. it just hangs out on the side of our bar table and keaty LOVES being so close to the action. a bit more food drops to the floor vs a conventional high chair, but that’s okay. we just place a mini tarp underneath him and we’re good to go!

anyway, that is what is getting me all excited these days.  funny how life changes so quickly, right?!

plus, it’s fun to play … FLYING BABY!


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