organic baby


we don’t always buy organic foods for ourselves to eat, but we always buy organic for our little man. As he is eating more and more off our plates, we are slowly transitioning into getting more organic foods for ourselves and continuing to be aware of the types of food we have available in our home. to be honest, we’ve never had this much fruit in our house, nor have i ever been so adventurous with food. funny how an 8 month old person can totally shift your perspective on something like food. even the dissolvable puffs he eats are made of collard greens, spinach, and kale. who do we think we are?!

i was feeding Keaton some avocado and hummus at a restaurant recently and someone kind of rolled their eyes and was like- “such a California baby, eating health food!” I was kind of taken aback and realized he was serious. hmmm. i don’t think this is a California thing, i think it’s just a series of intentional choices. we certainly aren’t made of money and don’t like to spend money superfluously (good word, right?!), but we are really realizing how important organic food is for us as well as our keaton. some ofour food has got some nasty stuff in it, and we are slowly creeping towards this mantra-

if we can’t pronounce what is in it, we aren’t going to buy it.

we’ve always done this with keaty (we usually don’t buy anything processed for him, but as he gets older that’s shifting slightly), but we figure this is a good bottom line for us to follow too. if Keaton sees us respecting our bodies, he will hopefully see the importance of respecting his own.

So how do you tackle the wide world of baby foods?


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