how do i follow that up?

after my last post, i just don’t know what to say here anymore. i love sharing our little life with family and friends (and some people i’ve never met before, the more the merrier!), but it’s hard to talk about our silly day to day business when people in the world would give everything they own to experience one minute of that silly day to day business. but, alas, my heart can be in two places at once. sort of. if you are the praying type, please pray alongside trevor and i as we try to discern what God is doing in our hearts. and continue to pray for our sweet brothers and sisters in africa who are struggling to survive. in fact, let’s broaden that. we have sweet brothers and sisters across the world who are struggling to survive due to a multitude of different social and environment issues who need our love and attention. {check out this video of the great work is doing for maternal health across the world, helping lessen the maternal mortality rate by getting to the systemic issues. really inspiring stuff!}

as a quick update on that silly day to day business in our lives: my brother in law moved to new york city this morning. will miss him terribly. he’ll be living in manhattan (that narrows it down, right?!), and will be looking for a job. his girlfriend of quite a few years is out there working at an interior decorating place, and they got tired of the long distance junk. plus, this will be an awesome way for him to really jump start his adulthood i think. anyway, if you know anyone in manhattan or of any jobs that may be available in the coming weeks, let me know! (his history is in sales, but he’s up for anything interesting)!

also, keaton is on a signing frenzy. he is waving like crazy. asking to eat. looking at lights, and getting close to telling me about fans. a lot of his signs fall in that category- “getting close to…,” but he definitely knows what he’s doing, and he’s getting better at it daily. duck. turtle. monkey. ball. water. and the always popular milk.

hi, everyone! -a very proud keaton

it’s really fun to see him recognize that he can ask for or tell me about certain things that are on his mind. he looks so happy with himself!

we are actually on our way to signing class right now, check ya later!

{if you are in san diego, i would highly recommend you checking out THIS fabulous lady. she is a signing guru and is so great with kids. keaty LOVES his monday morning signing time!}


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