all i want to do is lay around all day and trade off wrestling and cuddling with this little man

ps. i am legitimately on the brink of signing up to take the hypnobirthing instructor certification courses in scottsdale, az next month. a tiny bit tentative about the timing, but a whole lot excited for the next step. keep an eye out for a post about hypnobirthing and christianity, something i’ve had to talk at length about with a few of my christian friends who have been skeptical about the whole idea!


4 thoughts on “sometimes…

    • awesome! thanks for swinging by! i am almost done with the post, will have it up soon! i LOVE talking about hypnobirthing, probably have annoyed a ton of my friends about it, but whatever 🙂

  1. OOOO selfishly I want you to do it!!! I was telling the bridesmaids at Annie Small’s wedding about this… I said I do not know a lot, but from an outsiders perspective you looked like it was the best decision anyone giving birth could make! I’ll look forward to your post on h-birth and Christianity!

    • oh, fun! i love when the word gets out about hypnobirthing, it really isn’t as whacky as the name makes it sound! haha. i have decided that i’m definitely going to do the training. aaahh! will have the post up soon pretty lady! (ps. annie’s wedding looked beautiful!!)

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