unexpected love

one of the unexpected side effects of taking our hypnobirthing classes last year was meeting an incredible group of women, and falling in love with their little babies (and our beautiful friendship and support system, of course). we are different, but in so many ways we are the same. these women seriously kept my head on straight for those early newborn days (and still continue to do so), and are always quick to encourage and inspire me.  i love the way they love me, and how much they truly love keaton. we get together as much as possible, and this summer has been great since schedules have been easier to work out. such a great blessing to do life with them. whether it’s an on the fly play date (like the text message i just got), or a planned big family bbq or beach day, it is a really beautiful thing.

i love that these babies will grow up together, and will be able to say that they knew each other when they were in our bellies!

we always try to make sure we capture great group shots when we are all able to get together.

and, particularly since they have all become so mobile, it often quickly turns to wonderful baby chaos!


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