so my stroller is not my go-to mode of transportation for keaton. still. i use it when i want to jog or take keaton out on a walk and when i know it’ll be a long time on the go, or when we hit up cool places like the Wild Animal Park or the Zoo. otherwise, i toss keaton into our baby k’tan and hit the ground running. i have LOVED this carrier from the get go. keaton was all snuggly and sweet in there as a newborn, cuddled close to me, able to nurse in it, all the while not making me burn up like the moby wrap did. plus, it’s  ridiculously easy to put on and use. quite a few different holds, and it always has felt safe.

keaton in the k’tan at about 2 weeks. that thing was particularly a life saver in the beginning! cuddle times, but free hands for mama!

we still use the k’tan all the time. it really does grow with you, and there are, like i mentioned, different holds you can use to help your baby see the world all while feeling safe and content to be near you. my fave is the classic facing me hold, since it often means extra snuggle time, and extra nap time on the go for keaton!

keaton, looking like a little monkey, about to fall asleep.

anywho, a friend of mine wanted updates on a lot of the merch we got before keaton arrived, some of which i blogged about back in the day but never gave any real reviews of after the fact. so here it is, folks. the k’tan is where it’s at. i’m getting an ergo here soon for our hikes and for trevor to wear (he doesn’t fit in my sized k’tan!), but we will always be faithful to this sling. it has given me the freedom to cuddle my baby close to me, all while keeping my sanity 🙂  on particularly trying days, at the beginning especially, i always could count on tossing keaty in the k’tan and having him fall asleep, all content and nestled into me. so sweet. and it still has the same powers now if that’s the situation, but it does so much more for us too. he LOVES facing out in it, seeing the world while knowing i’m right there with him. makes a mama’s heart happy!

also, just for gratuitously cute pictures. we got some photos done at a recent babywearing fundraiser. check out a couple by vallentyne photography!

and to be honest with ya, i could not tell you who makes the sling i wore. but it was comfy. and oh so beautiful!


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