i love him.

trevor is seriously amazing. he loves me really well … and now i get to see him loving keaton really well. it is one of the greatest joys of my life to watch my husband playing around with my son. (that sentence sounded really grown up!)  sure we have our disagreements, and sure we are both striving to be more intentional and purely loving with one another, but i find new ways to fall in love with this man daily. many of the reasons surround how happy he makes keaton, and honestly and purely he loves to PLAY with his son. not for show. or to pass the time. or to make me happy. but simply for the joy of getting to know his little man more. looking at the smile keaton has on his face when his daddy comes home from work, or when he is getting pushed on the swing to a multitude of different noises and exclamations … it melts my heart.

trevor has always had a childlike quality to him, loving to play, be ridiculous, and have fun. i always knew he would be a great dad, and it was one of the things that attracted me to him as we were first dating. but i never knew HOW great of a dad he would be. he says he knows he needs to be a good husband in order to be a good dad … and he is doing all of it beautifully.

love, a very thankful and loved mama


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