new endeavors are good for the soul

i’m following the calling that i feel God is ushering me towards. i’m following the encouragement of my husband and sweet friends. i’m following my heart. i’m following the wise words of mentors.

and i could not feel more renewed.

i’m taking my at home “birthing basics” course to prepare for my hypnobirthing certification classes that come up in about 3 weeks. my heart is happy. my heart feels content. my mind is continually being energized by creative ideas and the thoughts of the possibilities to come. and i am blown away, again, at the awesomeness of our bodies and how capable they are of doing what they were created to do. duh!

i can’t wait to share this journey with you, and see where i land. God’s got a funny way of pointing us in the direction He wants us to go, and after years of prayers and a lot of discussion, i finally feel like i’m understanding where He wants me to go. glorify Him, love on and encourage and empower others,   bring glory to the amazing way he created our bodies, and help usher this next generation into the world in the most gentle, encouraging way possible.  while God is not a part of the curriculum i’ll be learning or teaching, i can most definitely see Him being glorified through this.

now off to learn more about pelvis’!


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