keater the eater

baby-led weaning has been going so fabulously it’s ridiculous. keaton eats anything and everything. he is a master at chewing, and will spit out anything that is too big for him or he can’t break down enough.  lately his favorite thing is chicken. we first gave him a big hunk of chicken breast thinking that he would just suck on it for a while, but after a few minutes it was obvious his two little bottom teeth and one emerging top tooth were taking this chicken down. and since then, he can’t help himself around the stuff.

he ate this in about 4 minutes. it’s the perfect little snack for him. the kid eats. and eats. and eats. and he breastfeeds about 5-6 times a day, too. safe to say, he is chunking out. and we love it!

and when he’s done, he is a happy boy and gets to snuggle with his daddy!

i am really happy that keaton led us in this direction of feeding him, he is so happily independent and seems to have a great relationship with food so far. it makes meal times super easy, as he just feeds himself while we eat right next to him (although clean-up is still a task and a half!). we still obviously watch him and are as prepared as we can be if something were to get stuck on the way down, but he has shown us what a good chewer he is, and with two teeth … that’s pretty impressive in my book.

is there any hope in things continuing on like this and just skipping the picky eater phase?!


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