a bench and a baby

yeah, that’s all. a bench. and a baby.

sometimes i just don’t have much to say on this little blog. but keaton updates always work, right?

keaton goes in for his 9 month check up next week, although he’ll be almost 10 months at that point, so we’ll have some juicy details after that one i’m sure.

he’s just started his second day of bumper-less crib sleeping. it was getting to be a big mess because he was using it to push himself up and try to climb out the crib. not strong enough to fully do it yet, but i am well aware of the fact that practice makes perfect. so, out it went.  he’s walking around while holding onto furniture or walls faster and faster, although i don’t see him taking his first real steps till closer to a year. he’s loving playing hide and seek around the house, and loves to crawl away as fast as he can when we say “i’m gonna get you!” it’s one of the sweeter things he does, actually. that little smile and those chunky little thighs trying to crawl away as fast as possible. love.

he’s saying mama and dada. he’s signing a ton, and whenever i sign something he doesn’t know yet, he still waves his arms around. he seems to take fastest to food signs- but that is no surprise seeing how quickly he’s chunking out.

and yes, this stage is the best stage so far. i say that about every new month, every new milestone, every new day. it keeps getting better. and i love knowing i will be amazed at how much better it will continue to get!


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