while i’m away

i’ll write hommmme everydayyy, and send all my lovin’ to youuu.

the beatles song just popped into my mind.

i’m heading out to arizona today to get take my instructor training for HypnoBirthing. stoked! anxious a bit, but very excited. i am sure i will be the youngest in the room. that always seems to happen to me. whatever i’m interested in, i am always the youngest. maybe i’m just a visionary? yeah? no. but yeah?!

i have packed my stuff up, prepared keaton’s stuff for their trip out to arizona on friday (my little family will come visit me all weekend!), and have been pumping like crazy to make sure keaton has enough milk for the next couple days. the pump i’m borrowing now doesn’t have the some umph that my previous one did, so when i say pumping like crazy i literally mean it. got up in the middle of the night to pump! crazy!

i am really excited to see how God is going to use me in this new role. although hypnobirthing isn’t affiliated with any religious or spiritual denomination or understanding, i really think there can be such a strong connection between it and christianity. meditation. relaxation. trusting how God created us. yeah, it’s all pretty dang cool. and extra cool in that just because i’m a believer doesn’t mean everyone in my class will be, they most likely won’t be. it’s a great way to be a light without ramming it down anyone’s throat! by my love and encouragement i hope they feel God’s love and encouragement!

sure am going to miss this the next couple days, though.

but so thankful trevor was able to take a day off work and come fly out. even though i’ll be busy, it’ll be so nice to finish my days with my little family. plus, i’m interested to see how trevor handles the all day baby duty!!


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