even if he didn’t

i like stephen colbert. i can’t help myself. his wit and delivery get me every time. when he starts a story with, “Nation…” as if everyone in the nation is listening- laughter. every time. even when i know he is making a joke about some of the things i actually do believe in, he does it in a way that even i can’t help but laugh.  i know a lot of christian friends who thinks he makes a mockery of christianity.  i personally he makes  a mockery of the people who are making a mockery of christianity, particularly so many of the republican “conservative” political people who, some not all, will use their “religion” as a way to get votes. but then again, i’m not super politically aware, so what do i know.

what i do know is, i love this quote stephen colbert said. bam. comedian. and apparently a crazy truth speaker. the hard thing about the internet though is that, without actual proof that these words came out of his mouth, i don’t quite know if they truly did or not. with that being said, even if he wasn’t the mastermind of the quote, i love the heart of it. it is sad, it is true, it is convicting, and it is in many ways encouraging. in the “it encourages me to be a better ambassador of the Light” kind of way. and the “it encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and walk the talk” kind of way. and perhaps most importantly, in the “it encourages me to put myself aside and start living for others” kind of way.

i’m pretty sick of me. me me me. all the time. i’m ready to toss aside the selfishness and actually live a life worthy of the call.

even though i know i will never be able to do it the way Jesus did, i just want to love people.


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