hello my friend, hello

oh, hey. how are you? how’s your family? yeah, it’s been a while. we should get coffee and catch up.

my blog avoiding tendencies are getting in the way of actually having a blog. i teeter between deactivating this thing and trying to make it like a full blown blog where i keep everyone much more updated than i do now. but for now, i’ll come slowly crawling back to you. with promises of future coffee dates. and catch up sessions. maybe we can skype? okay. sounds great. it’s a date.

first up: obligatory cute pictures of keaton as a duck for his first halloween (yeah, i’m running late i know). this time last year i thought we would have a newborn to dress up. but no, little man made us wait almost a-whole-nother month for his arrival. which, by the way, the year anniversary of is coming quite quickly! first up, keaton and his amigos. he had a twin duck in his little late arriving friend audrey, too!

life in our household has been kind of crazy. maybe not crazy, but definitely active. lots of things happening. i have been given a really cool opportunity for a future job that i am crazy excited about. but i can’t give details for a bit. tease, right?! i also am starting my first group session of hypnobirthing classes in a couple weeks. i have been doing private sessions a ton, but now i got my stuff together and am jumping on it! really excited. my long lost brother is coming home for a month and a half in a couple weeks- he lives in vietnam and will be transferring to sri lanka after that. you best believe we will be visiting him there- the maldives are right off the coast. booyah!

trevor is busy with work. and with a new career path ahead of him. a long time in prayer, months and months, and a few conversations later and BAM- God made it really clear what he should be doing. but, again, i gotta keep that on the down low because i don’t know how public he wants to make his plans quite yet. needless to say, i am so proud of him and the things he will be enduring to make his calling a reality. so excited for his excitement. and i will share as soon as i can. with pictures i’m sure. because it’s gonna be pretty cool.

and last but definitely not least, there’s keaton. he is steamrolling towards his first birthday and growing up every minute of every day. he’s walking with our help, or with the help of a little walking toy, and is repeating a lot of words we say to him (more so the sounds and inflections).  he comprehends so much of what we say to him, and we can’t help but think he’s a genius. and a future athlete. probably a nobel peace prize winner. and most definitely a future president of the united states. i dream small for this little guy. obviously. here is his adorableness at church the other day. he loves to dance. and party.

he’s got the rhythm.


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