so … i’ve updated

hey friends.

i was planning on waiting till the new year to revamp and refocus my blog, but i kind of think new years resolutions are silly. i can set goals for myself anytime of the year. and implement them anytime. the longer i wait, the less likely i am to do something (mostly why i haven’t updated in so long…). so there i went. redesigned the blog. updated my pages. and refocused myself on what i want to write about.

you’ll still get a lot of keaton. and a lot of me. but you’ll also get my HypnoBirthing clients. and lots of information for parents, both pregnant and otherwise.  i am excited to see this blog mature from where it began, as a locked blog where i wrote about my feelings and goings on in the first few weeks of pregnancy. i’ve come a long way!

so, with that. welcome to the new and improved blog. i hope you enjoy looking around. and get prepared for more posts more often … and a new feature, too: birth stories. my clients are having babies left and right, and it’s so exciting to hear the sweet ways they recount those precious moments of labor and birth!


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