what keaton is doing

since i’m not keeping a baby book (worst mother ever?!), i need to document some of the things that keaton is doing on this little blog. keaton has an email account set up for him that we are sending notes, pictures, videos to (it’s going to make me CRY to see him read these love notes when he’s older) … but it’s nice to have a place to store some of his milestones for ourselves.

keaton is about 13.5 months at this point. he weighed 25lbs at his 12 month check up- he’s a thick little guy and is quite the little tank (but i wouldn’t expect anything else from a baby who was born with lots of chins and cheeks). keaton’s biggest accomplishment in the past month or so is walking. our BABY is walking! i guess i can’t say baby anymore. toddler? wow. he now prefers to walk, but still keeps his hands up in the air a la frankenstein.

he’s signing and talking. still loves to sign milk, but now makes this noise along with it: nyo nyo nyo nyo. he can get pretty forceful about it!

keaton, asking for milk on christmas eve:

he signs about cheese, keys, and will grab your nose or your toes if you ask him to. sometimes he’ll be almost screaming “no no no no!” as he comes walking down the hallway only to come and grab my nose. funny to know what’s going on in that sweet little head of his. his voice is probably the best noise i’ve ever heard. he says and signs book (boo), as well as balloon (boo), as well as boo (boo). thankful for signing to help distinguish it sometimes! he is starting to crawl into my lap for cuddle or book reading time, and my heart melts.

we went on a walk the other day. like a real, no stroller walk, around the neighborhood. well, we barely got a block since the little man was interested in anything and everything he saw. in true little boy fashion, he found a stick that he wanted to play with the entire time.

i know i will appreciate this post even in just a few months, let alone a few years! it’s funny how quickly you forget what milestones they are hitting. lately it seems like all he’s been doing is new things!


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