happy new years eve

happy new years eve from the pappas’!

{can you believe what our little family looked like one year ago today?!}

what an incredible year 2011 has been. personally. spiritually, socially. professionally. this was one for the books, for sure. but i can’t help but feel a sense of additional hope, motivation, and excitement about this new year.  i hope you feel this same sense of refreshment as i do. it’s so cliche, but this day always makes me feel so hopeful about what is to come. maybe i set my goals (and sights) a little high this time each year, but the loftier the goals the more exciting the outcome, right?!

as my HypnoBirthing classes begin to take off and my wheels are turning about where and how to get involved in different areas of the community, i just can’t help but feel like this upcoming year will see growth professionally and personally unlike i have ever seen. it’s really exciting. and i can’t wait to keep you all updated on the journey.

i think you have big things coming for us, 2012.

i pray that this new year brings you contentment and refreshment.

and a blank slate with which to write a new story.

have fun tonight and be safe, dear friends!


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