it’s not impossible

i read this story yesterday.

i would highly recommend you read it as well. a twin birth story. two separate days. two different years actually. both breech. both birthed vaginally, unmedicated. the highlight of the story was meant to be “wow, twins who were born in two different years!” but wow did i take something different away.

after keaton was born a nurse who was unfamiliar with natural birth stated that had she known keaton was as big as he was (9.7), she would have told me it was too dangerous to birth him naturally and that she would have talked to the doc about a c-section. yes he was a bigger baby and my frame is relatively thin, but he in no way was a giant.  the thought that keaton’s body size would have warranted a c-section, or at least serious talk of one by someone who was supposed to be supporting me in my birthing experience, is scary. but it is a very truthful glimpse about the state of our birthing culture. we are scared. we are told things aren’t possible. we are made to believe that our bodies are lemons.

i found so much hope and so much encouragement from this little buffalo news piece. so many women think being pregnant with twins is an automatic c-section (and sometimes it’s necessary but, as you can see, not always. and not always in the circumstances you might think!). or that a breech baby is an automatic ticket to the operating room. it’s just not so. you can question these things, and if you have chosen the right care provider for you, they will work with you to look at all of your options. carefully balancing those options. if your care provider doesn’t want to listen or take your thoughts and desires into account- i will venture to say that that is not the right care provider for you.

i hope this story gives you a sense of empowerment about what our bodies are capable of. {and yes, let me highlight the fact that she had very well trained and knowledgeable midwives, and these babies were in great hands. healthy mom, healthy babies, healthy pregnancy. which the majority of pregnant women experience, and very health outcomes.} just because a baby (or babies!) isn’t (aren’t!) presenting in an ideal position, doesn’t mean you can’t have the most ideal birth for you!

were you ever told that birthing naturally was “impossible” for you (or at least “too risky”)? what was the outcome? how did you feel about it? are you pregnant now and worried about any of these issues? these are important questions to think about…processing our own birth stories or working through our anxieties before birthing are both important pieces of bonding with baby and feeling psychologically, physically, and spiritually at peace with our births, our bodies, and our babies.

i’d love to hear your stories!


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