so what is this stuff really about: HypnoBirthing®

so what is this HypnoBirthing® stuff really about?

{i wanted a more concise post on this, as someone recently found my blog by typing into google: “hypnobirthing seriously?!” yes…seriously!}

as a HypnoBirthing® practitioner, i have the absolute honor of walking through a journey with expectant parents who are looking for something different from their birthing experiences. they want to be a part of it, want to experience it fully, want to ENJOY it. they don’t want it handed to them on a silver platter, they want to be at the reigns.

contrary to what has been sensationalized, HypnoBirthing® in no way promises a “pain-free” birthing experience.  this would most certainly set women up to feel like failures. while the videos we watch and the things we read do show us and point us to the reality that such a birth is absolutely possible (and that many-a HypnoBirthing® mom will attest to that!), pain-free birthing is not our goal. not my goal. the idea of enjoying your birthing experience does not need to go exclusively with pain-free, but it has everything to do with the ease with which you know your body is performing a normal task. something it was created to do. created perfectly to do. no fighting against the surges, but saying “yes” to to each rise of your belly as baby gets closer and closer to saying hello.  saying “yes” to creating a calm atmosphere for your baby to transition to the outside world in. saying “yes” to what you were created to do.

birthing experiences can go a multitude of different ways. some necessarily, some uneccesarily.  some are caused naturally, some by augmentation and some are caused by fear. what HypnoBirthing® hopes to do is to take the fear out of the equation. labor is normal. natural. it happens all the time, and it has always happened all the time. what is happening with your body during labor is something to be embraced, and allowing yourself to embrace it is the key to enjoying it, to riding along with it. letting go of the fears, assumptions, negative beliefs, and limiting thoughts that might cause you to want to tense up or fight back … and simply let go. we give you the tools to do that in our classes.

we hope to take the unnecessary augmentation out of the equation as well by arming our parents with the whole hearted understanding that understanding your options is key, and that this is the time to be a good parent, not a good patient: question, question, and question some more.  our goal isn’t only natural childbirth, it is having the most ideal birth for you and your baby. it is about keeping baby and mom’s best interest at the forefront. it is about feeling fully involved in any decisions that need to be made. whether that’s an introduction of some kind of augmentation (epidural, etc), or anything else in the process: you make the decisions because you know your options and that is what you want. and more power to you! sometimes decisions can’t be made and things just have to happen: you will feel more equipped on how to assess those situations, ensuring that it is an emergency, and what your options are from there, too. HypnoBirthing® isn’t just for natural homebirthers, ya know.

all of this is to say, really: HypnoBirthing® wants to put itself out of business eventually. in an ideal world everyone would believe in the power of a birthing woman’s body. you wouldn’t need breathing techniques or visualizations or progressive relaxation or fear releases: those wouldn’t be an issue because there would be no fear, there would be no tension. there would be no worry about the big day. there would be no “a-ha” moments in our classes, as those would be the norm in our society. i can only imagine what a happier place the world would be…

we would just have babies.

that is my goal in teaching my classes. to help my parents see how they can simply let go. have a baby. stay in control of yourself, your thoughts, your body, and your decisions.

and just have a baby.

if that’s something you’d like to learn more about, or perhaps experience yourself, check out our website for class schedules and availability:

A Well Lived Life


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