green your … AIR {and a discount for you!}

hey friends. so this is the first installment of a fun little “green your…” series.  we could all use a little eco-friendliness in our lives and i love sharing fun, easy ways to do this.

first up is a much needed idea to help green your life without losing any style points in your home! all while supporting local moms in their business endeavors. it doesn’t get much better than that!

{plus, as the title suggests, there’s something in it for you, too!}

Green Your Air is a mama owned company (and LOCAL for all you lovely san diego-ites. san diegoans. san diegans) that wants to help keep your home as free from toxins as possible, but in a beautiful and unique way.  one of the moms behind the scenes is sweet maryam, a formerly local (now she can be found living it up on the beaches of hawaii with her two adorable kids, loving husband, and baby on the way) mama who writes a wonderful blog called Milk Friendly, that helps nursing moms stay fashionable and functional.  go check her out! anywho, back to the matter at hand.  here are some snippets from the Green Your Air site so you can get to know them and their vision a bit better:

Studies have shown that Americans spend a good hunk of their time (ninety percent to be exact) indoors. Your home or office should be your safe haven from every filthy thing lingering outdoors, right? Well, not really. Modern scientific research says that the enclosed spaces indoors may be as much as ten times more polluted than the outdoor environment. That’s what WE want to change. Each of our plants are chosen because they filter at least one harmful chemical from your environment. Ahhh, now that’s the smell of fresh, green air.

that is crazy, right?! Indoors potentially being TENx more polluted than the outdoors.  when I think about Keaton breathing in that yuckiness it just does not sit right with me.  and to think that something as simple as a plant can help change that?! yes please.

so these moms took a stand and started doing something about it.  they wanted to focus on the function without losing any of the fashion (sensing a trend here?!) so they came up with these potted plants that are wonderful for any room (including, and perhaps especially, the nursery!) that will help filter your air while still keeping in line with your decorating tastes. i mean, too cute right?!

{all photos from Green Your Air via Sequins and Candy Photography}

so they are adorable, yes, but how green are they?  many companies claim to be green, and perhaps the product itself is, but the manufacturing, the packaging, or another piece of their business is quite the opposite.  Green Your Air is dedicated full on to making the entire experience as green as possible.  so, again, just how green are they?

Well, the name pretty much says it all. We are on the green train and not planning on getting off. We see this business as an opportunity to make as many positive green choices as possible. Whether it is our 100% biodegradable pots, recycled out of rice husks and bamboo scraps or printing on 100% recycled paper. But the best green mean fighting machines are our plants. They take care of the hard stuff and we just sit back in gratitude.

so you love the idea. you want cleaner air for you. for your loved ones. perhaps for that little baby who will be making their debut soon. you think the plants are adorable. so go order one, okay? oh wait, i think i left out the best part! remember when i told you there was something in this for you?! well there is. until January 22 Green Your Air is offering you a 25% discount on your entire order! so if you have been wanting one (or ten) of these plants for you, for your friends, for your family, for that baby shower you have to go to next weekend…NOW is the time!

at your checkout enter the code KELLYP25 for your 25% off

bonus? if you are in san diego they have home delivery! so you can commend one of the mamas behind the business and say thanks for making your life a little greener (and cuter) right to her face!
now what are you waiting for? go get your green on!

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