communal living

so maybe we’re crazy. but maybe we’re onto something awesome.

or maybe you can be two things at once.

trevor and i and some friends from church have been talking about potentially all living together. crazy, right?! well, maybe not. crazier things have surely happened, right?! there would be potentially 5 adults and 1 keatasaurus rex. and oh, a cat, can’t forget the cat! at first i thought it was a joke- “hey let’s live together, we’d have fun and save some money…” “let’s get chickens…” “keaton would get the top bunk…” but then we legitimately started thinking about it. and i’m kind of into it i think! it would be a lifestyle change, that’s for sure. i enjoy my alone time and like the freedom to just BE when i’m at home. but trevor and i also feel convicted about the importance of community. and simply being wise with our money too once we move from this tiny apartment (which is such a good deal, but we have outgrown it since keaton started getting so mobile!).  and to learn to savor the alone time yet simply BE around others…it would be good for me.  trevor in particular has become really excited about the idea over the last 24 hours and has been looking online at houses that we could rent if we all went in together. legitimately beautiful houses with big yards (for the aforementioned chickens, obviously). and lots of personal space. and places for keaton to run around and hide in. these are things, in the areas that we are looking in, that we would never be able to afford on our own. and not that being in the nicest or biggest house is important whatsoever, but a situation like this would provide a really cool experience: not only to have the physical space, but to have the space to be held accountable in a community daily. to grow in our relationships and in our faith. to be brothers and sisters. to depend on one another. i don’t see it being perfectly easy … but i do see it being more natural than i would have thought previously.

we’ve all had roommates before. but this feels like it would be something different. more intentional. a lot more challenging but a lot more beneficial. it can be called communal living, but it can be called intentional community as well. and while we wouldn’t be a stereotypical communal group living off the land (minus those pesky chickens!) and sharing our income together, and all those other things that communes are known for, we would be doing life together in a very intentional way. (but i will say that if you google image “communal living” you will get an option to also click on “hippie commune”)

{a sneak peak into keaton’s future?! from an honest mom}

i’m certainly not saying this is 100% happening. but it’s been on our minds. and i’m kind of excited to see where it might end up. even if it ends up being a fleeting idea, it got me thinking about bucking tradition and not living according to what culture says is normal. which is good for me.

i’d LOVE to hear your stories of intentional community. give me the low down. why? where? how did it work for you: both logistically as a group but personally as well!


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