the birth of a little boy.

i am overwhelmed today.

in the best of ways.

yesterday i had the honor of accompanying a friend of mine during her labor and birth. and it brought me to my knees. this was her second birth, and first unmedicated birth.

and she did so beautifully.

she and her husband worked so well together, trusting in the process. she relaxed and breathed along with her body, never fighting what was happening. she was quiet, in her zone, and completely focused.

and as her baby literally slipped out of her body, i was overwhelmed.

overwhelmed by God’s creativeness and grace. overwhelmed by the amazingness of our bodies. overwhelmed by the fact that i have the privilege of providing educational and empowering information to women and their birth companions about how beautiful of a process pregnancy, laboring, and birthing truly are.

but mostly overwhelmed at that first breath. the first breath of many more to come in this little man’s life. God created us to breathe each other in, and he created us to be so dependent on our care givers in order to create a bond that is unlike anything we have known otherwise. the birthing process should honor that. that first breath.  he breathed in his mama. every breath teaching him more about her smells, her warmth, her ability to completely sustain him. and she cried.

and i cried.

and i will never be the same after that birth. i have always known how blessed i am to have the “job” that i have. but after i saw her work so beautifully with her body and with her baby…what i have the honor of doing became that much more real. i have always known it’s not about me, but after i saw how this family came together in support of this new, precious life, it hit me even more deeply: it’s about the families who get to experience birth as it should be.

i look forward to her birth story being featured on the blog when she finds a moment to write it down.

{she and her husband took my group class in november 2011. if you or anyone you know is interested in taking a HypnoBirthing course, please check out: Beautiful One Birth Services}


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