the year of yes

this is our year of yes in our house.

not that we have been living in  years of no’s, but my husband and i have made the conscious decision to say yes this year.

not in an overbooking, overwhelmed, feeling frantic kind of way though…

i say no no no to that!

saying yes to listening to God’s calling in our lives. saying yes to His love. saying yes to taking risks. saying yes to fulfilling some of the desires of our hearts that have been put on the backburner. saying yes to productivity and efficiency. saying yes to rest and rejuvination. saying yes to dreams, goals, aspirations. saying yes to each other. saying yes to loving keaton in the way he deserves to be loved.

in saying yes to these things, there is also the implied act of saying no. saying no to The Enemy’s cunning lies when he tells us we will fail, that we aren’t good enough, or that we don’t have enough to give. saying no to uselessness and time wasting. saying no to what the world says is what we should be striving towards. saying no to feeling stuck. saying no to the things that take us away from who we are and who God intends us to be.

yes, it’s a full plate. and yes, it’s a battle. never perfected. but opening our hearts to what lies ahead and what lies within us through the Spirit is something worth working towards.  some of this is already in the works, and some of it is an absolutely mystery waiting to be uncovered this year.

i can’t wait to see where saying yes to these things takes me. takes him. takes us.

what are you saying yes to?


3 thoughts on “the year of yes

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  2. I love this post so much. My heart has been on a journey this year as well, saying yes and accepting that I have everything I need to follow His plan. It is the most amazing feeling to trust in that!!

    • Hey Olivia! My WordPress JUST told me about this comment. Sorry!! I hope your year of yes is going really well!! It is so hard to keep myself open and trusting in the midst of things that I normally want to close myself off to and just stay comfortable in my little bubble. We are in the midst of some really big thoughts/decisions right now, and what a beautiful thing it was to see your post and be reminded about our hearts’ goal for this year!!

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