apparently so…

apparently this IS the year of yes, as i mentioned in my last post.

there is so much growth, so much transition, so much newness, so much oldness that is being turned into newness. it’s been quite a couple weeks, which becomes obvious when this poor little blog gets neglected like this.

my husband recently lost his job unfortunately. fortunately, he has been taking an EMT course for a few weeks and is hoping to pursue a career as a firefighter. i am so proud of him and the man that he is. talk about our year of yes. he is the originator. he just jumped out in faith and, personally, I think God is rewarding his faithfulness by providing him more study time, and more family time. yes financially it’s a struggle- but we again remain confident in God’s provisions. again, it’s the year of yes, remember?!

i also decided, before we got news of my husband’s lay off, to take a part time job at a local natural baby store, Babies by the Sea. They offer all sorts of awesome merchandise, but also offer pregnancy, birth, and parenting classes.  It really is a beautiful community resource in our area that provides encouragement and education in a laid back way.  i have only been there for a couple weeks and i am already feeling fulfilled by this little part time gig- i have the opportunity to help parents learn more about all different types of options- not just like what birthing class to take (HypnoBirthing, y’all!), but things like breastfeeding support, cloth diapers, green lifestyle choices that will benefit the family, the baby and the environment. how many people get the chance to talk about things they are passionate about all day? not many, i know that. i’m thankful for God’s knowledge that this would be the perfect fit for me right now.

{and if you are in San Diego, come hang out with me at the store- I’d love the company and you’d LOVE everything about the store. and me. duh}

i have my hand involved in a couple projects with different birth networks in san diego, as well as beginning an active search for a new apartment/home. and yes, the communal living is still on the agenda. guys, it’s the year of yes.

funny what happens when you put your dreams and hopes out there…

i said it was our year of yes.

and apparently so…

i’ll be back with more regular updates now that we’ve come down from the whirlwind and are creating our new normal. new birth stories and discussions, as well as keaton updates that are going to make you feel like your head is going to explode into little swooning hearts all over the place.

seriously guys, he’s growing up faster than i even realize- and he can’t stop giving kisses and saying i love you.

melt melt melt.


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