no YOU haven’t posted in for.e.ver

no, it’s not me. it’s you who hasn’t posted on your blog in for.e.ver, leaving it to feel like a neglected little flower that is withering away.

oh, it was me who did that?


to make up for it, watch this. and then watch it again, and again. you’ll see why i haven’t been blogging. i’ve been laughing too much.

i need to make this blog a priority- capturing family moments while providing information for my clients and interested readers? yeah, priorities, people!

anyway, i’m jumping back on the bandwagon. i’ve had many days in which i could have blogged but then thought- it’s been so long, what will i say? silly me, time just sneaks away from us if we let it, right?!

so my triumphant reentry into the blogosphere ends here! i will be back with more, and this is a promise. i think i might have said that before. again, oops. i’ve changed. i’m a new person. i won’t treat you that way ever again…

i have new birth stories coming to post soon! i have new articles i’m writing up. i have new insights on life i need to write down in order to drill into my own head.and i have new pics of keaton that obviously need to be seen and shared. swoon/

but for now, scroll back up and watch that video again. you know you wanna



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