not mine. at least not right now.

but maybe yours. or may be yours soon.

i thought this was a really helpful picture. once you know what your body will do to both help and hinder the labor process, you can see how important working WITH your body is rather than fighting against it. and why the HypnoBirthing techniques really do work. this can help companions, dads, friends, family be better support people too.

simple, yes. but so is birth.

{ps. i’m avoiding the fact that i’ve avoiding blogging for so long. i’ve said a million times i wouldn’t do that again. i think i’ve finally figured out why i was getting so stuck. i don’t always feel like i have USEFUL things to say. when i do, i blog. when i don’t, i read other blogs. i want to add to this world, not muck it up with noise. so here’s to hoping for useful things to say often! and the confidence to trust that they are useful. and the willingness to know not every post needs to be earth shattering}


One thought on “hormones

  1. I Posted the same picture half hour ago and within 60 seconds it was deleted from my facebook. Scary to think facebook watches us soooo closely.

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