here’s to a wonderful daddy

so father’s day has come and gone, but we don’t need a day to celebrate the wonderful daddies, do we? all year long i am thankful for my husband and what a true MAN he is, and my love for him only snowballs whenever i see him with keaton. or think about him with keaton. he loves him so well. so intentionally. of course we all have our moments and everything isn’t always rainbows and butterflies (keaton’s been extra clingy lately so it’s been much more of a task to stay level- both with him and with each other. always a new learning process, teaching us new things about ourselves and each other!), but trev just rocks it as a father. whether it’s putting him down to sleep, going out on rabbit finding expeditions, or playing at the beach, or just reading a book…their bond is evident.

i am so thankful my son has a man to look up to like trevor- a man who fears the Lord and aims to glorify Him, a man who loves his wife wholeheartedly, a man who truly desires to be present for his son- emotionally, physically… and a man who is SO stoked to play sports and play music with the little mister. i seriously love it.

can’t help but notice that the little mister loves the big mister so much, too. even though keaton can get really attached to me and has his moments in which only mama will do, he knows daddy is always down to pal around with- and i love the way they have special little games and adventures together.  it just makes me so thankful that i have a wonderful husband to do life with. thankful that my son will grow up with a present and loving father. and that we are in this together.

keaton says: i love daddy so much. he says funny things. and daddy is really nice. and sings me songs. and we wrestle every day. he puts me in cool clothes. he’s the best daddy ever. love,


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