where have you been?

where have YOU been? right?!

we’ve been on a whirlwind tour of california. well, actually one trip to northern california that left us without cell service or internet for a while. it was freeing. so nice to ENJOY life and disconnect. it did feel weird to not be able to text at will, or even update my blog when inspiration struck. but we had an amazing time visiting our dear friends up at Hume Lake. it’s become a family tradition and an annual summer trip for our little family. it is a place of such untouched beauty. and the work that is being done there is absolutely inspirational and restorative. one of my best girlfriends is the first female co-director of the high school camp they have going up there (shout out, rach!) and we got to spend some great time with her and other girlfriends who are giving their lives and their summers to help spread the Word. here is a sneak peak into our trip. enjoy!

lake-side beauty

sunset off the moutains. stunning

nature boy

view from the weekly pancake breakfast. not the worst place, right?!"mama! dog! big!" poor boy! he got scooped up after this pretty well-timed pic...

i mean. come on. we like to kiss.being touristy with rach. and a falled sequoia tree. check out that root system! on an off roading adventure with this good looking guy

seriously so beautiful. and so tempting to just stay there, honestly. not only for the surroundings, but because of how well our friends who are there right now love us. real conversations, deep questions, and a thankful spirit. so appreciative of our time there.

i’ll be back soon with updates from the birth world, as well as an update on my sweet boy.



2 thoughts on “where have you been?

  1. Hi! I stumbled on your adorable blog while looking up Hume lake information! I just have a random question, how does your friend like working at Hume lake full time? My husband just got offered a position to be a full time staff member so I just wanted to know how other staff member’s experiences were! Oh and if your friend had a dog up there? You for sure have a new reader! Thank you!

    • chelsea…i am SO sorry that i must have missed this comment! congratulations on your husband’s offer! i am sure you guys made a decision by now, but i will say, no matter what you decided was best for you, that my friends adore hume lake and all that it stands for and what it has to offer. what a beautiful place to call home! certainly it is a different kind of lifestyle, living in a small community pretty far away from the ease of living in a larger city or town (and that can take some getting used to), but the community that has been created there is like a small family- i have LOVED everyone i’ve met up there and, again, my friends who are up there a lot or are full time staff members speak highly of it. but yes- it is a bit of a transition to make to live up there! and no dogs though- that came up while i was there over the summer and, at least from the people who were a part of the conversation, it was a no. best wishes to you and your family! if you get this, check back in wand let me know what you guys ended up doing!

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