where did my baby go?!

i’m pretty sure we’ve hit that moment. well, pretty sure we went soaring past it, actually.

{pic from Amy at Tiny Green Elephants!}

this little baby of mine is no longer a baby. he is teetering on turning 2 in the fall (what?!), and his vocabulary is that of a 4 year olds. he tells every animal he sees that he loves it, and smiles and waves at every person who passes by saying, “hi new friend!” he only has one chin now, well…most of the time (thought that would never happen), and a full head of toehead blonde hair (again, never thought that would happen). he has got a strong personality and a strong body- sometimes a tough mix, but a mix i wouldn’t trade for the world. he spins around, says “pow” for some cool special effects when playing, kicks balls, plays t-ball, and absolutely positively loves to run. he walks along in the waves on the shore by himself, and he asks me questions constantly about the world around him. he’s a real live person! of course he always has been, but it’s becoming glaringly obvious that he is not wasting any time growing up.

{yup, another sweet pic from Amy at Tiny Green Elephants}

where did my baby go?

my heart. my little heart. totally melted.

when did you do know that your baby was no longer a baby? does that mean it’s time for…{gulp}…ANOTHER ONE?!


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