cloth diaper booty

reusing diapers? nasty, right?! not so fast.
i promise: it’s easier, cooler, cleaner, and cuter than you think. when done correctly.

i won’t make this a  about how to use them, or how to wash them. there are plenty of those out there. for one of my favorites, click yourself on over to: this sweet overview by my lovely friend amy. do it. now.

i also won’t make this a section about how to pick the perfect type or brand of cloth diaper. that comes with some thought on your end about what you want, and doing research about the different types of diapers out there- something i just can’t do for you! but to get yourself off on the right foot: here’s a good place to start. and yes, it’s just a start.

when i first began researching cloth diapers, i was overwhelmed. and even when i thought i had it all down, it all changed once keaton was actually here and i had a body to put those diapers on. some brands just didn’t work, despite the awesomeness of the product. some brands we fell in love with. and some brands we’ve tried since and have slowly been adding to our arsenal. around our house, we LOVE bumgenius and grovia. this was figured out after going through about 5 different brands and simply having fit issues or leaking issues- personally i think this was more a “way keaton was built” issue than a product issue. we are all different! but, we have fallen in love with these two. not only do they fit keaty like a dream, but they are both easy to use and have yet to give us any leaking issues. whew. easy to clean and no blowouts? cloth diapering is absolutely for anyone!

i don’t spend hours tending to keaton’s dipes, nor does our house smell like used diaper. despite the initial payments for the diapers, we have saved a ton already over using disposables. that includes our energy and water bills. we also use cloth wipes, which have proven to be super easy as well! we make our own wipe solution, and it takes literally 2 minutes. and i’m not particularly crafty or homemaker-y, either. i promise, if cloth diapering is for me, then cloth diapering is for anyone.

cloth diapers also, on the vain side, are so flippin’ cute on keaty’s bum that i can hardly stand it. he has the biggest booty on the block and he is proud of it! i love the flash of color or print peaking out from under his jeans, and i love when people ask questions about what kind of diaper he is in. current cloth diapers are not anything like your grandma’s cloth diapers. with snaps and/or velcro (i personally would recommend snaps for longevity purposes, at least in our experience), cute colors and prints, and super soft fabrics … cloth diapering is definitely for anyone.

i have not always been particularly crunchy. or eco-friendly. nor have i cared about toxins that i have used around the house or even on my body. i never gave it a second thought. until i got pregnant. all of a sudden a whole new world opened up to me. i wanted the best things to be put in and on my body, and even moreso when i thought about the little life that would soon be entering the world. i wanted to know what was going to go in and on his body- and in all honesty, i didn’t want him spending 2+ years of his life in toxins that i wasn’t sure of the consequences of (and for those who cloth diapering is not an option, 7th Generation and Earth’s Best have great chlorine-free options, “butt” they are expensive!).  cloth diapering is good for keaton’s booty, as are the cloth wipes and homemade solution, but it is also good for the environment. teaching keaton to respect his body and the things he puts into it, as well as respecting creation through being informed and acting on that knowledge … these are huge life lessons that i can begin instilling now. even if he doesn’t understand fully yet, he is learning. saving the world one less disposable diaper at a time (yes each disposable diaper sits in that trash heap for 250-500 years). imagine the change we could make in an entire ecosystem if we all added even just one cloth diaper into our diapering routine! cloth diapering is for anyone!

even if you don’t commit to cloth diapering full time right away, buy a couple. find a good sale and add a couple cloth diapers to your diapering routine and see how you feel. i have a feeling, once you get into your groove, you’ll be scouring the internet for more. for good deals and answers to your questions: search around on facebook and “like” a few cloth diaper pages. there are many parents out there who are obsessed with this form of diapering and are always happy to give their feedback!

if you have any questions that you want little ol’ me to answer (i’m not a pro, i just know what works for us!), send them along!

Happy booty covering!


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