a baby k’tan carrier giveway!

yes. you heard me right. a giveaway!

i am so excited to be able to offer this amazing giveaway to you. Baby K’tan Baby Carriers were my absolute GO-TO when keaton was younger, and he lasted in his for quite a few months. I loved how many ways I could wear him, how safe and snuggly he felt, and how soft the fabric was. The Baby K’tan is pretty amazing in that while it IS a wrap (think Moby), it is SO much easier to wear and “wrap”…because there really isn’t much to wrap. You get all the benefits of wrap wearing without having to deal with all that fabric. i don’t know about you, but i fumbled and stumbled with all that fabric and really didn’t have the patience or energy to deal with all the wrapping, not when there was a much simpler and comfier option. and honestly, when you live in San Diego especially, where it is hitting the 90s this week (Happy Fall, everyone!) less fabric and less hassle can be a real lifesaver.

so, i am giving away ONE Baby K’tan Baby Carrier in the lovely eggplant color shown above. Swoon.

to enter you MUST have facebook, sorry to anyone who doesn’t hang on the ‘book.

step 1: have facebook. good, you are already almost there.

step 2: head over to my NEW facebook site: www.facebook.com/beautifulonebirthservices

step 3: “like” me. (i like you, too. thanks).

step 4: wait. i will be announcing who the lucky winner is by the end of the week.

step 5: do a little dance for yourself or another lucky liker for winning an awesome prize, and keeping $50 of your own dollars in your pocket! booyah!

lots of love and good luck, friends!

in the meantime, check out my new site: www.beautifulonebirthservices.com




ps. i am not receiving any kind of payment in any way shape or form from baby k’tan. i just love their product and think you will love them too.


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