call the midwife

i am really really REALLY hoping y’all are watching “Call the Midwife” on PBS. Ugh, SO good! It’s available online and on their app if you don’t have access to it on tv.

for a million reasons i recommend it.


the births are really realistic- not the screaming “i hate you!!” births like we see in movies, but hard working mamas helping their babies into the world realistic. there are really deep emotional pulls to each of the moms we meet, and to the young midwife the show centers around (although there is a great supporting nurse/midwife cast around her as well).

the first episode in and of itself explained so much of my heart…i was amazed. it drew parallels to the journey of birth and the journey of life, and how so much of midwifery and birth in general is the STUFF of life. i really feel like i have been made more alive and more passionate because of my experiences and awareness of birth, and this show totally taps into that. it shows a lot of natural and normal the birth process is, but also how simple skills and goods can be the difference between positive and negative outcomes. and how education for families and communities is KEY. the young midwife i mentioned is from a wealthier area and decides to take a job at what she thought was a small hospital in East London back in the day…but it really was a convent, and East London wasn’t what she expected…

She was used to cleanliness, used to order, used to rules…not used to what she was seeing in the lives of the moms she was now serving: dirty homes, unkempt kids (and lots of them), not a lot of supplies to keep things sanitary as the birth moves along at home. at one point in the first episode she breaks down and says “i didn’t know people lived like this!”

that rang in my ears.

i mentioned a while ago about my draw towards international work, in particular international birth work. birth work in the areas of the world where access to care is severely limited or potentially non-existent…birth work in the areas of the world where the difference between life and death is a skilled attendant, proper prenatal and postpartum care…birth work in the areas of the world where all one truly needs is a sanitary spot to bring life into the world- for their sake and their baby’s sake.

“i didn’t know people lived like this.”

there was a time when i didn’t know people birthed like this.

or like the stories from this area.

or this.

awareness is one thing. doing something about it is quite another. this is not out of pity or out of superiority, this is person to person, mother to mother LOVE. being united in this world for the betterment of lives, of families, of hearts. providing services and goods that can allow fear to be released. lives to continue on. babies to be loved. families to be treasured.

there is so much about this show that speaks to me. start watching if you haven’t.

let me know what you love most about it! what has your favorite episode been so far? favorite birth shown? (breech birth, sayyyy whaaat! tears!!)


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