two two two two

one family.

two years.

three hearts.

my soul is singing out today. not just in thanks in terms of thanksgiving, but for thanks in terms of the amazing life that is now so much a part of our lives. two years ago we met our son for the first time. when my gaze met his, his sweet little alert eyes staring out trying to find his mama that he had heard for months and had known so intimately…my heart grew to double the size and our life grew into double the fun. {and, yes, double the work, too!} beyond just the impact that my pregnancy and labor/birth experience had on me {which has rocked and rolled all over my life}, his HEART has had an even greater impact. God knew exactly what child we needed, and i can’t even begin to say “thank you” for sending us keaton.

in awe of this little man. he has no clue how much he has inspired me already, how my entire career and purpose in terms of professional and personal desires has been propelled by him. two years ago i had no clue what to expect. i didn’t know it would be so hard, and i didn’t know it would be so easy. i didn’t know how to hold a newborn so…new. i didn’t know what it meant truly to be a mom, yet i did. i didn’t know what to do but somehow, at the same time, i knew. three new people were born that day: a new life coming into the world for the first time, and a mom and dad. it took some time to recognize that i wasn’t the same person anymore. yes, i was the same person technically….but i was so, so different. being okay with that, embracing that, and reveling in that took some time. much like keaton was learning about life on the outside of the womb, i was too.

in so many ways i can’t believe it’s been 2 years. and in so many ways it feels like he’s always been here. his hilarious personality, his keen awareness of the emotions of others around him, the way he approaches every situation as a new adventure, his perceptiveness, his ability to communicate and express his thoughts and desires…it all is just such a blessing. no, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies…but it is always good. even when it’s hard, it’s good.

i can’t believe my “little” man went from this


to this.


don’t mind me, just getting sentimental and thinking about how much life has changed since keaton arrived. thinking about how just a couple short weeks ago we came to the end of our nursing relationship, which is for another post altogether.

thinking about how he told me today, as he hugged me, “i’m so glad you’re here. we’re best friends.”

be still, my heart.


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