say it with me now


i am so excited about what 2013 is going to bring to my life- personally, spiritually, professionally … a lot of big milestones, big additions (both personally and professionally), and just a lot of energy about what lies ahead- i am SO on fire for all of this! last year at this time i was telling myself- i am going to see where this takes me, see if it can actually become a legitimate business! and a year later, it is. and it is continually growing into something that i never even imagined it would be … i am beyond thankful to so many families who have walked on this journey with me through their births this year- witnessing families becoming families, witnessing the first breaths of life, encouraging others along the journey through education … i am still in awe that this is my life.

but it is. and i have found IT. what so many people look for in terms of career and passion. THIS is where i am at my best, where i’m not ashamed, where i’m content yet always striving and desiring to learn more, where i know that i am following His will. not many people get to feel that way. i count myself immeasurably blessed for feeling so.

2012 was the year of keaton becoming a little boy, no longer a baby. he is smart, funny, and is learning how to make solid choices given the parameters. i am in awe of his sweet personality, and his simultaneously rambunctious nature. i can’t wait to watch him grow this year. so much lays ahead for this little man, and i trust (and pray!!) that he will handle it in stride.

i will be adding a new set of classes to my list of services in 2013, as well. this will be an exciting addition for san diego families- something that just hasn’t been available! i am looking forward to not neglecting this blog in 2013 either. i know you’ve heard it all before, but now i have a plan. my intention is 2 new posts a week. 1 personal, 1 professional. anything else is icing on the cake for you. well, for me actually. well, for all of us.

and more birth stories, lots more. i have too many sitting in my inbox! too many empowering nuggets of personal experiences to share with y’all!!


what are you looking forward to in 2013?


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