hey, friends.

in light of my recent announcement, some things are going to look a little different business-wise for the rest of this year, and i wanted one, concise place to mention it all.

so lemme break it down for y’all (and it goes like this…♫♫♫)

childbirth education.

not much to say here, actually. my listed classes will still be running as they are posted. i am teaching until August, having zee babe sometime in September most likely, and then teaching final classes to wrap up the year starting in November. Well, that final class is up in the air, depending on how I’m feeling at that point. Even though it’s only a couple hours away and the logistics of that are totally doable, I need to make sure I’m getting enough rest, etc at that point so that i can actually be an effective instructor.

you WILL notice when you click over to my childbirth education options that i have a new class offering starting up in May, which i’m super stoked about. being a christian myself, i’ve had many couples ask me if there is a particular class where not only they’d be instructed by a fellow christian, but where we actually would discuss God and how to tangibly rely on Him through pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. while those same couples have LOVED taking my HypnoBirthing classes and found it to be a wonderful preparation course- both mind and body, i almost always would be spending lots of time in emails and coffee dates about more in depth issues regarding utilizing scripture, preparing one’s heart from a christian perspective, etc for their labors…so now we have one place to do, learn, and talk about ALL of that…and more! i’ll be teaching out of my home on my cozy little patio (or in my cozy little living room if the weather gets crazy…but, let’s be honest…this is san diego). i’m excited!

so, in summary:

HypnoBirthing classes- sign up!

Alpha classes- sign up!

doula services.

as you can imagine, this is where you’ll be seeing the most change and shifts. i have mamas scheduled until may 2013 and then i’ll be taking some time off to rest, relax, have  a more firm schedule, and just enjoy being pregnant. this little goose is due in september, so it’ll be a nice break to enjoy the last few months of my pregnancy. it is tempting to continue on in this work because i love it so much, but honoring my family and this pregnancy and this baby is really important to me…so time off it is! then i PLAN on taking couples on (probably just one a month for the first few months to see how it meshes with our new family dynamic), in or around february or march of 2014.  i am so excited to utilize some doula love at my own birth, and am so excited to be able to share that love with others myself again after my sweet babymoon is over. i have 4 more births scheduled until my maternity leave from doula’ing begins, and i am SOAKING it all up…

i WILL have some new, fun options available to you in the coming weeks, too- birth tub rental, and a couple other new things up my sleeve that i am still ironing out the details on. you see, i can’t stay away from this birth stuff…

placenta services.

welp, there’s really nothing to see here, folks. i haven’t decided yet- i MIGHT not be taking on other september moms, but most likely i will and in case that mom and i are in labor at the same time, i will just utilize a backup. i will continue to provide the same services and not taking maternity leave from this aspect at all. so bring on your placentas, mamas. you know i love ’em

hope that helps clarify anything you were just DYING to know about over on my end. i know, you were waiting with bated breath for this info.

with love,



2 thoughts on “ch-ch-ch-changes

    • oh, but of course 🙂

      and anyone reading this…if you are looking for a doula, go ahead and click on danielle’s name link right there 🙂 you won’t regret it!

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