placenta encapsulation

Why Placenta Encapsulation

I completely understand all of the preparation, love, investment of time and resources, and general giddiness that is spent getting ready for a new baby.  You take classes (mine?! you get a discount if you do!), go to your prenatal visits, have baby showers, and excitedly wait for your little one to decide when their birthday will be.  After baby arrives, we easily get wrapped up in these new little lives (we can’t help it, they are so cute!) and can forget to help and care for ourselves as well. That adjustment period for new moms can be a time of excitement and love, but also has the potential to be filled with exhaustion, stress, and hormonal fluctuations that may leave you feeling great one minute, and weeping the next.

 We are often told to “enjoy every minute of it” when welcoming a new baby, and that is what encapsulators are aiming to help you with through Placenta Encapsulation!   Something that usually isn’t spoken about are the “Baby Blues” that some moms experience, making everyday tasks hard and caring for an infant exhausting.  Not to mention the potential for Postpartum Depression and other related issues- which can become all encompassing and can affect not only your state of mind and health, but your relationship with your baby.  Your body will lose a lot of nutrients during birth, and your hormones may fluctuate by the hour, and you and your baby are trying to establish a bond and a rhythm, all while trying to catch a few hours for sleep!

Researching and understanding what placenta encapsulation and other services can do for your post-birth experience can really impact  your “babymoon” period.  Both initial research and anecdotal evidence is showing that ingestion of your placenta can help balance your hormones, enhance your milk supply, and increase your energy. I have seen this play out often with my HypnoBirthing students and doula clients who have chosen placenta encapsulation, seeing their transition into motherhood be filled with joy, energy, and comfort.

 So do something for yourself: Pamper yourself and your baby with a placenta service! Absorb and enjoy heightened energy (it’s a natural iron supplement!), a full milk supply, less bleeding and pain, a constant flow of the ‘love hormone’ and more. After all, you put in 9 months of hard, baby-growing work- time to reward yourself by feeling great!

 Personally, I aim to pick up your placenta from your birthing location very soon after your birth, and return the placenta pills, tinctures, salves, or any other products as quickly as possible. I want your postpartum transition to be as smooth as possible, so I the sooner you get your placenta capsules the better! I perform the encapsulation services at my own home.

If you are interested in my services (come on!), or if you would just like a bit more information, pricing, or to put yourself on my schedule- be sure to connect: /



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