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hello, my friends!

my last update was around 38 weeks, and this update is comin’ atcha 11 days postpartum. yes, that is right…i went and had me a baby! my birth story will be coming soon, but suffice to say it was an incredible, intense, calm, beautiful entrance into the world for our baby. and in the comfort of our own home, to boot.

the details:

1176107_636718539701596_1031206520_nit’s a GIRL

selah. {“say-lah”}

1175257_636718833034900_630744423_n9lbs even.

2 hours and 45 minutes of labor, born at 12:47am on our bed (too fast to fill the tub up).

1176108_636719039701546_602195496_na beautiful baby girl and a beaming older brother (who now, at 11 days postpartum, is realizing this new baby is actually staying. and he’s not 100% sure how he feels about it)


1240602_641654679188609_341738394_nphotography by Labor of Love Photography and Petula Pea.

lots of love from our family of four,

kelly ❤


Cassidy’s HypnoBirthing Story

Hey, friends! Grab some hot tea, snuggle up with a warm blanket, and prepare to read a birth story that is going to just absolutely warm your heart. Cassidy, along with her good friend Alison, took my HypnoBirthing classes while Cassidy’s husband was deployed. Both Cassidy and Alison are L&D nurses at a local naval hospital, it was so great having their feedback and insights in the class as well! Cassidy knew he wouldn’t be home for the birth of their daughter, and she was SURROUNDED by loving and encouraging friends and family. It was really beautiful to see! Cassidy and I kept in touch as her guess date approached, and I was filled with joy to receive her birth story a few days after Charlotte arrived. This is her birth story…enjoy!


Hey Kelly,
Just wanted to share my birth story with you!
It was forever a life changing experience in so many ways! Your HypnoBirthing guidance carried me through the incredible journey.

Charlotte arrived at 10:52 am. Happy and healthy as can be!

The Saturday i had been swept (membrane sweep) and i was already 4/80/-3… at 3am on the13th i started surges about every 7 mins that required lots of movement for comfort but were moderate at that point. I waited an hour then hopped in the shower, surges were now about every 5 mins. I then decided to wake my mom up and have her shower etc while I threw cookies in the oven for the nurses.  Meanwhile I’m on Skype with my husband they were now every 3-4. By 6 am we were headed down to my friends to labor at her house, as she was closer to the hospital than I was, and she was filling my tub I had rented- I was looking forward to that! On the way we picked up my midwife Sara and she checked me quick… And quickly decided that we’d be going straight to the hospital as I was already 8cm.  So Alison and my 3 other girlfriends met me there at 0730… They were dying because i made them all take the stairs with me to the 3rd floor and i was in lead. I was that patient that we always roll our eyes at and doubt when they come to triage smiling and perky saying “i think im in labor” and we check them and they are at advanced dilation… that was me! (but thankfully i know the whole staff!). My labor was remarkably easy, I was working but I honestly would do that again any day of the week! Heat pack on my lumbar, hip counterpressure  and leaning on the birthing ball (all that we learned in class) were my biggest friends.

image{ummm, can we talk about this picture for a second?! WOW!! -kelly}

At arrival I was 9cm with a bulging bag of water… I had a saline lock placed and we only did doppler tones the entire time- so great! In all the hustle my husband who had great contact with me at home was MIA now on Skype… (He was assuming i went to my friends, got in the tub etc… clueless about the new plan and how quickly things were moving). Everyone was trying frantically to get him to be “there” but eventually I was feeling the urge to breathe her down… And was complete now… So I started here and there as I felt it, mostly in hands and knees… And then we got a phone call from Zac… Everyone cheered and literally my bag of water burst (it had meconium in it…so our pediatrician team had to be at delivery) within a minute of the call and the urges came on quickly… I have no idea how long I pushed, but it had to be over an hour or more with at least 30 minutes of crowning… My least favorite part by far… At some point I flipped to side lying which was a tremendous help and used the mirror.   The “ring of fire” was the most intense but I worked through it and they were doing compresses etc down there. And then the biggest moment of relief arrived at 1052 with her birth!!! She came out vigorous as ever which cleared any trace of meconium out of her lungs for sure and i grabbed her and went straight to my belly! I had 2 small 1st degree tears that Sara repaired after some lidocaine. But other wise my bleeding was minimal, I never had iv fluids or oxytocin postpartum, not even a Mortin yet… She breastfed within minutes and she’s been a rockstar at it  since. She is perfect! And Zac got to “be there” with us during it all which we hadn’t thought would be possible. But somehow these things work out!!!

image1 I honestly could not have done it without my girls… Oh my they carried me through it and brought my breathing after pushing back under control and I probably had 4 pairs of hands on me at all times… It was so remarkable and truly a shower of love!!!!
I think most of it was videotaped so once I’ve collaborated it down (at some point in the next few months hopefully), I’d love to share it.

Ahhhh what a journey… I never lost faith in my trust of my body or my baby… It just was so natural. They were all joking because at one point just before I started pushing I said ” I don’t understand why people would get an epidural”… I guess that’s how good I was feeling…. Couldn’t have done it without your expertise and hypno guidance! I’m so inspired and I’m in love with not only this beautiful baby Zac and I created but also my body and how it never ceases to amaze me!

Sorry that rambled. I’m just still in this surreal experience!
Best wishes,
Cassidy & Charlotte


Cassidy! Not rambling at all! I was captivated the entire time. Thank you SO much for sharing your birth story (and a few AMAZING pictures!) with all of us. I love how supported and encouraged you were throughout the process, and the obvious trust and surrender you had in the intensity of the process. I am so thankful that you were able to have the experience you truly desired, and that Zac was able to be as present as he could be for the experience as well- what a sweet sigh of relief that must have been for both of you. Lots of love, mama!!

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elf on the shelf?

so i’m not the biggest fan of the elf on the shelf. i get why people like it and how they have fun with it, and i promise i’m not a scrooge by any means (i’ve watched “Elf” at least 12 times already), but it just isn’t my thing.

but, here’s an elf on the shelf-type posting that i absolutely adore.

please join me in welcoming to the world sweet evergreen sparkle van frost! born in december at north pole birth center.

the ornament birth ball. so good.


kate and jarrod’s HypnoBirthing story

Kate and her husband Jarrod were referred to my classes by a mutual friend and it was so great getting to know them and having them in class. This was their second pregnancy and both she and Jarrod were looking forward to having a more empowering experience the second go ’round.  Here is their story, as told by Kate…with some hilariously colorful language (have never heard the term “bislotch” before. haha) and visuals (laboring in her robe out front, arriving at the hospital…so good!). Enjoy!

The moment I discovered I was pregnant with my second baby I knew that I was going to get the birth that I had dreamed about with my son. My son’s birth was filled with a lot of fear, anxiety, helplessness and regret. He was born early at 35 weeks, I had an epidural, he had a monitor screwed to his head. I had an oxygen mask and a terrified husband, he had a week long NICU stay. It was an all around sad, scary experience for everyone and I wanted to have the completely opposite with my next birth.

So I set out to do just that.

I toured a birth center at 8 weeks pregnant and was ECSTATIC to see the rooms where I was going to be delivering. I thought that by getting out of the hospital and in to a more ‘homelike’ setting I could avoid a lot of the anxiety and fear that I felt the first time around.

4 weeks later I discovered that I had gestational diabetes. Major bummer, but I still had my sights set on the birth center. I signed up for hypnobirthing classes and started interviewing doulas. I was tearing through any and all material on natural births. If there is a Youtube video of you giving birth out there, I’m sure I watched it. Educating myself was empowering me to have the confidence that I. COULD. DO. IT.

At 28 weeks I made the decision to take Metformin for my GD since my levels were not able to be controlled with diet alone. Along with that incredibly hard decsion came the sinking realization that I was disqualified from the local birth centers so I had to deliver in L&D.


But after a brief mourning period I realized that it was still MY decision.  MY labor. MY baby. MY choices. MY experience. So onward I marched, high on my future awesome birth.

And an awesome birth is exactly what I got. At 39W4D, I woke up on a Saturday morning at 7:30AM and noticed I was having some irregular surges, nothing too crazy so I wasn’t sure if it was THE DAY.

My fantastic husband made me a lovely breakfast and I had my coffee (thank god) and about an hour later I was like ‘woah, these are getting strong’ but they were anywhere from 4-12 minutes apart so I still wasn’t sure. I was walking to the bathroom when I  got a strong one that I had to breathe through so I came to the realization that HOLY CRAP I was in labor! FINALLY! YAY! I called a friend to come pick up my son (who had just turned 2 a couple weeks before) and after I hugged him goodbye I had an INTENSE surge that landed me on my hands and knees on the sidewalk, my boobs hanging out for the world to see (I was in a robe still, my bad)

After I went back inside the contractions became a few minutes apart so I call my doula to COME.HERE.NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW. It was around 10:30 at this time and sh!@ was getting real. Things were happening so fast so I still didn’t fully process that I was in the throes of labor. After my doula arrived she helped me get nice and comfortable on my bed and helped me to breathe through the surges. After a few of those I opened my eyes, looked her in the eyes and said ‘we need to go to the hospital. Now!’ Since she had only seen me in labor for about 30 minutes she suggested I take a warm bath first because she wasn’t sure I was that far along. I was not feeling a bath. “F THAT BATH! THAT BATH COULD SUCK IT!” was what I wanted to shout… but she said it would ‘be nice’ so I agreed. I stood up and had a bloody show..blood everywhere! (Hooray for not getting that on my bed, woot woot) I went to sit on the toilet to pee and got the most intense contraction yet, I almost threw up. I figured this was transition and was like “can we LEAVE NOW?!!” She was like ‘ok yep!’ and directed my hubby to get the car started, turn the AC on and we left in two minutes! This was around 11:40am. So we drive to the hospital in what was obviously the longest car ride ever but I remember thinking the contractions were not getting any stronger, which was nice, and I was still getting a good break between them to calm down and relax and focus myself again. So we pull up to the front of the hospital where the valet should have been and didn’t see them! This sends husband into a tizzy and he runs out to find help and a wheelchair. I’m in the car alone and I had a surge and was like ‘OH. MY. GOD everyone left me! WHATIFIHAVETHISBABYINTHECARBYMYSELF Ahhh!. Then my angelic doula appears and I stop freaking out and after like 10 minutes (seemed like 24 years) a nurse finally appears with a wheelchair. As I was getting out of the car my water broke- I was only wearing a bra and skirt at this point too which was funny because everyone was looking at me in horror. HORROR. So I get wheeled right to a room, lay down in the bed and the nurse comes in to start putting the monitors on me. She was cold and unfriendly and wasn’t concerned that I could have this baby at any minute. One of ONLY 3 requests during my labor was to have intermittent doppler use because I didn’t want to be tied to a monitor and this bislotch tells me that ‘we don’t do that in L&D’. Guess again, sista, MY BIRTH. MY CHOICES. I told her I was a midwife patient and to get her STAT. Meanwhile, my doula put up the sign on the door that I made (indicating I wanted a natural birth, dim lights, low voices, etc.) And handed out my birth plan, got me comfortable, gave me water, calmed me down, etc. She was a lifesaver. I was in the middle of explaining to my husband why I needed an epidural (I was freaking out a little bit at this point) and before he could respond my midwife breezed in and SAVED.THE.DAY. She was AMAZING. She took the monitors off me and said she was gonna check me. I explained to her that I just felt done and to order me an epidural and she sweetly smiled at me and said ‘let’s just check you first’. So she checked me and her eyes got wide and the thought crossed my mind that what if I was only 3CM and barely in labor. How horrible would that be?! And then she says the 17 words that I will remember the rest of my life: “Honey, you won’t need that epidural, you are complete, you just need to push your baby out!” I almost died..I had done it! MY BIRTH! MY EXPERIENCE! Everything I had wanted was actually coming true…I was over the moon. But then I was like, OH CRAP, I still need to PUSH A BABY OUT OF ME. Woah.

The midwife suggested I just breathe her down some since I had a hard time getting comfortable. I was on my hands and knees, then on my side, then finally flipped to my back to get more leverage. After a few surges I could feel her head enter the birth canal and it was so surreal…I remember thinking “I CAN’T BELIEVE I AM DOING THIS! I AM ABOUT TO PUSH A BABY OUT WITHOUT ANY DRUGS! No IV. No heplock. No Epidural. Nothing. So crazy.

It took me a little bit to get the ‘hang’ of focusing my energy downward so I could start pushing. I remember my (absolutely awesome) hypnobirthing instructor saying how she just felt so “full’ when the baby entered the birth canal and that was probably the only thing that kept me from tweaking out when it finally happened. I felt her move down, gave some strong pushes with the next contraction and she crowned; and after a brief rest I pushed her out with the next one. At 1:03PM, about 2.5 hours after my first intense contraction, my 6lb 11oz baby girl was born. The feeling of that is just unforgettable..it was AMAZING and relief was INSTANT as soon as she was out. Immediate skin to skin, waited for the cord to stop pulsing, no one touched her for a couple hours, it was just amazing. I rode a high unlike anything I have ever experienced.

The nurse said that she had never seen the doppler use in L&D before and she said it was so rare for someone to have a natural delivery down there, let alone check into the hospital fully dilated. Her comment saddened me because I just felt like every single woman on this planet should be able to experience the feeling of birthing your own child naturally…it is surreal. It is empowering. It is life changing.

I definitely don’t think I could have done it so easily without my phenomenal doula and supportive husband  They were so encouraging and made me feel calm when I wanted nothing more than to give in and let modern medical advances take charge. But I am so so so so thankful that I didn’t and that I had the birth I dreamed about. I would have a natural birth over an epidural birth any day. Sure, it is a lot more work and you need to remain calm and confident, but it is so achievable and rewarding that words cannot even accurately describe it.

I’m thinking a home birth for my next baby. And I am looking forward to it.


Thanks SO much for sharing your story with us, Kate! There are SUCH good nuggets that I take from your story and I am sure other expectant families will as well. I am so thankful that the HypnoBirthing techniques helped and that you had the birth you always dreamed of. It was pretty amazing how calm, cool, and collected you and Jarrod were when I saw you just a couple hours after she was born when  I came to pick up your placenta- it looked like you were absolutely GLOWING! Thanks again for sharing your story and empowering yourself and encouraging others!!

If you are interested in my HypnoBirthing classes, please feel free to contact me over at Beautiful One Birth Services.

     If you are interested in Kate’s doula, Sarah Burns, please contact her over at                  Night and Day Doula.

Chelle and Chris’ HypnoBirthing Story

Remember when I posted about a friend’s birth that I helped support recently? How moved I was by her power, her relaxation during her surges, and her absolutely sacred experience? Well, she’s sharing the full story with us today! Lucky us! As you’ll read, this was Chelle and Chris’ second birth, and it was a LOT different than the first! Love when HypnoBirthing revolutionizes the way women labor and birth! Enjoy, friends! And thanks again to Chelle and Chris- it was so fun having you guys in class and an absolute honor to be a part of your birth. Congrats on your sweet little boy!

Chelle and Chris’ Story:

Bear with me….I tend to over talk things, but so much of Rook’s birth was about the preparation that I feel like I can’t leave anything out!
When I got pregnant with our oldest son, Cy, back in 2009, I knew immediately that I wanted a natural unmedicated child birth. I still wanted to go the hospital/OB route, but I wanted to do everything in my power to skip that “cascade of intervention” and avoid drugs and possible complications from said interventions. Chris and I signed up for Bradley Method classes and I was very hopeful for a positive outcome. I had some issues with my doctor and at 34 weeks, after a really awful appointment full of no’s, I decided to switch to a new OBGYN. She seemed a lot better but still was pushing for induction if I hit my due date. I was so anxious at the arrival of said due date, and possible induction was the only thing on my mind. Long story short, I went into labor on my own the night before Cy’s due date, labored for about 17 hours and freaked out. The pain became too much and the anxiety of the situation over took me. I caved and got the epidural. I ended up going from 5 cm to 10 cm in a matter of an hour and pushed out Cy in a few contractions. I knew I did what I had to do, with what I was given, and with my current knowledge, but I did feel pretty disappointed in myself. My recovery was pretty slow and painful and involved more drugs, lots of sitz baths, and a lot more time than I expected.

Fast forward to May 2011, Cy was 9 months old and we found out we were having another baby. I was over the moon and before the pee could dry on that stick, I was researching like a mad woman, trying to figure out how I could get that birth I had dreamed of with Cy…the kind of birth you read about and think “wow, she got lucky.” But, in the back of mind, I knew that luck had nothing to do with it. I was still not very confident in my “abilities” but I knew I had to at least do everything I could to educate myself, to give myself and my baby the best possible options I could.

I got to talking with an old friend: It just so happened that my friend from high school, Kelly, who had had her first baby just a couple of months after I had Cy, was teaching HypnoBirthing classes now. She really made me think that it was possible for me to have the birth I desired.  I also switched OB’s and ended up with Dr. Cobb, who is pretty much amazing. I walked out of that first appointment with him feeling like I was on top of the world. He said something to the effect of, “I’m not sure how you picture your pregnancy and birth to go, but I am pretty hands off. We don’t do a lot of unnecessary tests and we won’t induce without medical reason before 42 weeks.” I was sold. I started reading birth stories and watching videos and obsessively talking about birth with my mom friends. This birth became a mission of mine. I am positive my husband thought I was looney but I didn’t care….and he obliged me by reading the stories and books and info I was constantly throwing at him.
We started our HypnoBirthing classes with Kelly when I was about 29 weeks. I say “we” loosely as Chris had started a second job and was working like a mad man – but I would come home and regurgitate everything and make him read the parts of our book that “really” mattered. We had gone through a birth before, so we kinda knew what to expect, but I have to say, this hypnobirthing stuff was a serious game changer. Through reading more and more, I realized that so much of Cy’s birth had to do with my anxiety and fear and less to do with searing pain and contractions that just wouldn’t stop. I started listening to my “Rainbow Relaxation” track every night and enjoyed hearing the birth affirmations over and over, to embed everything into my brain for “go time”. Slowly but surely, I started to believe what the tracks were telling me….”my body was made to give birth”…”I am confident and will accept whatever turns my labor takes”….I will have an easy birth because I am so relaxed.”
The end of my pregnancy was a little rocky and I started to have doubts about being able to go through with everything.
I kept repeating my affirmations and talked to anyone who would listen and could reassure me, and finally, started having that prodromal labor. I swear I must have had 6 “false alarms” and was wondering if I would ever know for sure if I was really in labor or just getting ready for the big day. Baby’s guess date was January 25th, and my brother’s birthday is January 23rd. Throughout my pregnancy, I kept thinking about how amazing it would be to have my baby be able to share a birthday with someone so special to me. When I woke up at 3 am on January 23rd with some strong “surges” (what we call them in hypnobirthing but for some reason I never got the hang of!) I said a little prayer and repeated “I am ready to meet my baby” in my head over and over, before finally waking up Chris at around 4 am to tell him that I had been timing the contractions for an hour and they were about 3 minutes apart. He said “ok” and rolled back over. I shook him up and said “no, I think this is it”. We both got up and showered and made sure we had a bag packed. I breathed through each contraction and found it increasingly easier and easier to snap in and out of my state of relaxation. It honestly amazed me, but I have to admit there was that little voice that kept saying “its gonna get worse”….which I tried to fend off with “My birth will be easy because I am so relaxed”. We got a hold of Kelly, who offered, so amazingly, to come be there for us, and my mom who was coming for Cy. They were both here around 6 am, I think…time seemed to be slipping away at this point.

I was feeling really energetic between each contraction and was able to snap into relaxation during each one, despite their increased intensity and shortening span of time between each one. We hung out, watched TV, and I just kept on breathing. I decided to get in the bath, we turned on Rainbow Relaxation and I let the shower hit me while I laid in a tub of water. Contractions got more intense, but the warm water made it easier to get through them calmly. Kelly started pouring warm water over my belly during contractions and that was a HUGE help. It felt like the pressure was just melting away. By now, it was about 11:00 am or so and I decided that when I got out, it would be time to head to the hospital and get comfy there. I knew that it would not be as easy to relax without the water, so I wanted to head to another source of water at the hospital and hunker down there until baby got here. So, I got out, got dressed, got everything together, was still very strong and focused in between contractions and the ride to the hospital (which I was secretly dreading) was not that bad. I just remember thinking “your body is opening up and baby is moving down”. It was raining lightly and I rolled down the windows and let my body get nice and cool and just put all of my focus into relaxation.
We arrived and checked in at the hospital at noon. We got into a room right away and at some point I think Chris talked to Dr. Cobb to let him know what was going on. I wanted to get into the jacuzzi immediately….and was really disappointed when Chris read a large sign out loud “Do not use jacuzzi tubs”. Oh f*@#. I was bummed….Chris said he was certain I would blow up right there, but I kept it together and said – eh its alright – but I am getting in that shower asap. They had to take some blood, and were insisting on a heparin lock, which I declined. But they insisted. Alright…go for it. They tried twice and omigod, I am certain it was worse than contractions at that point. I wanted to hit the nurse. They ended up calling an anesthesiologist to get it in for me….he seemed pretty stoked to be called in for that – ha – poor guy. Then they still needed to draw some blood. Four pokes later and I was still hooked up to the monitors. Dr. Cobb asked for a cervical check at admission, so I said alright but told everyone in the room to not utter one word about how far along I was. I totally feel like knowing the centimeters while in labor with Cy really had a huge effect on me and how I could handle things mentally. I did not want to know how “far along” I was and wanted to just trust my body and know that I would know when baby was coming and that my baby and my body were doing their job and everything would move along at its own pace.
They finally unhooked me and I hopped in the shower fast. It had a little seat and a removable shower head, so during every surge (it was around this time I started accepting that terminology haha) I just swirled the shower head over my belly and in my head I was repeating “melt away melt away melt away” and sure enough each surge would melt away and I would snap back into reality. I started to get a little bit tired, but remember thinking “yea, I can do this for a few more hours”. The thought of getting something to help the pain never even entered my head. I was in such a good place. I definitely started working harder and needing more focus at this point, but it was all very tolerable. I was so focused and in tune with everything.
I guess I had been in there about 40 minutes when the nurse came in and was asking if I felt “different” and told me to tell her if I felt anything “different”. I remember thinking – SHOULD I be feeling something different?! I asked Kelly and she said…..”Well, you are really far along, you’re so close, you are doing so good”. I said “I’m far?…do you know how dilated I was?” She said yes. So I begged her to tell me…..apparently I was at 8 cm at check in. I was shocked. I kinda burst into tears and thought “omigod its working…I’m doing it! My body is doing it”. Then Chris told me that maybe I should think about getting out of the shower soon. They had to do some more monitoring, but apparently Chris says the look on my face could tell him I was getting really close.
So I hopped out, made a pit stop (with Chris’ help) to go pee. I sat down, had a surge, and felt a pop. Chris had to jump out of the way as my water broke a little bit. I stood right up and said something to the effect of “I need to push…baby is right here”. I am not sure if they thought I was getting hysterical or what, but this was the only part of the birth in which I can say I kinda freaked out. It was just Chris, Kelly, and I in the room (no nurses, no doctor yet) and I sprawled out onto that bed fast. I remember Kelly telling me I should get into the position I wanted to birth in, and I remember thinking – ha –  this baby is CHARGING out NOW. The nurse rushed in, I think she was a bit surprised since she just saw me hanging out in the shower a couple minutes before. Baby was crowning. Dr. Cobb came rushing in as I kept saying “HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME” It was my one irrational, fleeting moment during labor and I think it was because everything happened so quickly and I was so shocked that it was happening and that it was happening so fast- and that no one “qualified” to receive my baby had been in the room just seconds before! I barely had time to catch my breath….although everyone was trying to get me to. I remember Dr. Cobb saying “Chelle!! You need to breathe.” I took some breaths and according to Chris, “baby came out on a wave”. He literally, for lack of a better term, slipped right out. I don’t rememeber really pushing or breathing baby down…he just came right out.

Rook Drace Roman was born at 1:53 pm on January 23rd, his uncle Ryan’s birthday, less than two hours after we got to the hospital. Dr. Cobb said he took a gulp of fluid on the way out, so he was a little purple, but he got to come right onto my chest and hung out for a long time before he was checked out. We waited for the cord to stop pulsing before Chris cut it and the baby started nursing like a champ at his first try.

I think I am still in shock. I can’t believe I did it and it was so “easy”. It was seriously a dream birth. Everything went so wonderfully and happened better than I could have imagined.
Being able to not only make it through an unmedicated birth, but also having such an easy recovery, and being able to say I actually enjoyed my labor and delivery was not something I really thought was possible for me. Kelly told us in class that these women having these births are not special, they don’t have crazy high tolerance for pain or anything like that, and they don’t just get lucky and have this easy birth by chance. They are regular women who accept birth as a normal, natural, wonderful process that as women, our bodies are made to go through. I can easily say that giving birth to Rook was hard work, but I wouldn’t describe it as painful, just uncomfortable at times. I never thought I could say that about something that, having already been through it with Cy, could only be described as excruciating and unmanageable.

Thanks so much for sharing your story, Chelle- both of your stories actually, there is so much wisdom in both of your birthing experiences!  I am thankful I was able to walk along this journey with you, as we have known each other for so long! It was an absolute joy and honor to witness Rook’s birth and your amazing, relaxed state for your entire labor and birth (you were totally calm even in the end, promise!).  I am so happy that the HypnoBirthing techniques worked so well for you, and that you were able to experience the birth you truly desired.

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